Why has my ex-girlfriend started ignoring me?

Hi girls, I need your help :) My girlfriend broke up with me two and half months ago after a three year relationship saying that something had changed in her after I went on a holiday with friends (she had apparently been wondering about it for a while because I wasn't being active enough, etc).... Show More

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  • Well .. I will tell you what I would do if I were you .. and I don't guarantee that it's the correct thing to do .. Anyway I am a crazy person who doesn't care about right or wrong I just do whatever I feel like doing so .. I will go straight to this person's house , knock on the door tell her " I love you.. will you be mine forever ? " .. if she says no .. then she really doesn't care about you at all ! .. but if she says otherwise , then something good is going on .. and eventually she will start talking from the heart ..

    Either way .. If I get a " no " at least I know that I have done everything possible and I did wanna make it work .. it's just that destiny doesn't agree.. maybe someone better is reserved for you , who knows! good luck!