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Why has my ex-girlfriend started ignoring me?

Hi girls, I need your help :) My girlfriend broke up with me two and half months ago after a three year relationship saying that something had... Show More

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  • Well .. I will tell you what I would do if I were you .. and I don't guarantee that it's the correct thing to do .. Anyway I am a crazy person who doesn't care about right or wrong I just do whatever I feel like doing so .. I will go straight to this person's house , knock on the door tell her " I love you.. will you be mine forever ? " .. if she says no .. then she really doesn't care about you at all ! .. but if she says otherwise , then something good is going on .. and eventually she will start talking from the heart ..

    Either way .. If I get a " no " at least I know that I have done everything possible and I did wanna make it work .. it's just that destiny doesn't agree.. maybe someone better is reserved for you , who knows! good luck!

What Girls Said 3

  • She might be set on getting over the relationship so she wants some time away from you to do so. I personally don't think it's a good idea for exes to be friends right after a break up. Or she may have a hunch that you want to get back with her (you have been texting her) and she's ignoring you to "punish you". Either way, if she's no responding to your texts you should stop trying to contact her and let her come to you when or if she's ready. Trying to hard to contact someone is not attractive.

    • Well, she definantly knows I want her back. We've known each other for 11 years and I've always felt this way about her...

    • Yea like I said she may just be trying to punish you so that you'll know that you have to treat her right. But it's also likely that she really doesn't want to be with you again. You might have to judge that.

  • I think she's trying to forget you, or already has. Sounds like it's for the better.

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  • She knows that you still have feelings with her and she doesn't feel comfortable about it

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