How do I break the ice with a cute girl I only see once a week?

From this class I'm in which we only attend once a week. We haven't really spoken properly yet, not properly anyway. It's a class in which we sit around the perimeter of the room and we sit at other ends of the room to each other with our backs to each other, just by chance really.

Anyway she's too cute, especially her voice. Makes me smile when I hear her talk lol. She's very friendly and smiley but like me kinda' shy and I suppose I mostly just talk to these other two girls - they're like my class buddies I suppose. She's flashed me a smile or two. Flashed me a smile out of the blue in the last class with no apparent reason. Maybe I'm reading too much into it as I often do though right.

She's not really made an effort to make conversation with me just as I haven't with her. I don't really make conversation with people I don't know/haven't spoken to properly before, especially if they're girls. I'm not un-sociable just shy. I don't really know how to. The two ladies in the class I get on with I just seemed to naturally click with, like I get on with them without having to try. But it's always the same for me with girls - I get on really well with girls I'm not attracted to, but if it's a girl I have a crush on I struggle to talk to her and just generally don't really talk to her much...

...what do you think?


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  • I think that if you are interested in her that you need to let her know. My best suggestion is to just be yourself. There is nothing worse that a really corny come on line or someone who is really obviously trying to pick you up. Just be who you are and strike up a conversation with her. Maybe what do you think about this class etc. If she is sending you body language signals that she is interested you need to let her know that you are interested too. Smile back and be friendly and open. She might be shy and scared as well. Good luck!


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  • Lol, I was the cute girl in a scenario like this recently.

    So you're a shy guy and she's a shy girl. One of you will have to take the first step and I think it should be you. She smiled with you for no apparent reason - I don't know if you can imagine just how much courage she had to muster up just to do that. Take this as an invitation to talk to her. Next time you see her make sure you keep eye contact with her for about 5 to 8 seconds and smile. If she blushes, pay her a compliment or make a joke about something your teacher did in class and introduce yourself. Maybe you could invite her to a club meeting or something, just so to make small but innocent conversation. If she holds her head down, smiles a lot and basically acts like a dummy when you try talking to her...she totally likes you and you shouldn't give up on her...just be patient and friendly tease her. These are all the words I wish I could give my crush.


    • I just now finally found her profile on Facebook. I couldn't help myself... I'm always unable to keep a leash on my curiosity like that. I only looked at it for like a minute. On the bright side there was nothing about "in a relationship". There was no "single" either though.

      I just now thought about maybe waiting until the class is on its last week and then asking her out? Because it could easily be way awkward if I ask her out when there's a few more weeks of the class to go...

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    • to do with why I didn't fit in in high school - I refused vehemently to conform and was treated badly because of it. I've gone off on a tangent...

      anyway point is the best shot I have now is to tell her online now I think, after the course has finished.

    • You think too much about people who don't really matter. If you like old music then listen to old music... You sound a lot like me actually - I like oldies, I dislike parties (a GREAT deal), but I have a lot of friends in my age group. I think the reason for that is - I am not afraid to be myself. We all have those little things about us that makes us unique and you'd be surprised how many persons out there actually admire you because you're different.

  • You have a class with her so you can start a convo about homework or an assignment or anything as you're walking into or out of class! She seems interested by the smile, so approach her and be friendly, I'm sure she will be friendly too! Or even, start talking to girls she's friends/talks to in that class if you're too shy to talk other especially, and then join her in the convo naturally!

  • ask your lady friends ,maybe they can help..if not send her a note

    • Would you mind expanding on the "send her a note" idea? Like what kind of note and with what kind of content?

      ...y'know what sucks I always get a crush when it's NOWHERE NEAR Valentine's day! It's either just been or it's too far away (by the time it comes around next year our class will have finished)

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    • That's a good idea. Thanks for that advice.

      Still, I can't see it as a good idea to do this while the class is still on right? The class ends in January... and I'd rather finish the course without having created horrible awkwardness throughout the tail end of it (if she rejects me or turns out to be taken or whatever). I'd figure it'd be best to do this like right at the end of the course, in January. If it doesn't go well then I don't have to see her again if I don't want to.

    • u also risk the chance of her meeting someone else,i would go for it now and see what happens,if she says no,big deal

  • ask her for help with the homework or something

    or just ask if she wants to go for coffee


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  • the common ground you have with her is walk up to her after class (the smile she gave you was a signal!) and say something about interesting/boring you thought the class was, and what she thought of thr class.

    Then casually mention that she has a nice smile (so she knows you noticed het smiling at you), and let the conversation roll. :)

  • Do you see her around at all outside of class and do you at least have facial recognition? If so, then use that to your advantage. Introduce yourself as one of the guys from the class and then invite her for coffee or dinner.

    • She lives in a different town from the one the class is in. Close to commute but not so that I have ever seen her outside of the class whatsoever. And yes we do have facial recognition. We have spoken a little bit. Like me, she only really talks to like two people in the class - none of which are me or any of the two people I talk to.

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    • Yes because we use an online network exclusive to members of our class and our tutor to present a lot of our work. Every student has a profile on this online network and me and her are two of the students who actually have a proper profile picture and use our first name and surname for our username. So I'd figure yeah. Plus she sits about two/three metres away from me... it's a pretty mellow class with not much talking and everyone mostly focussing on their work.

    • So try and catch her before class starts.

  • Just man up and start talking to her. =P

  • Walk right up to her and talk to her after class. About anything. It's done miracles for me.

  • try help each other with homework and something like that then get to know her better

  • I have been in this situation myself - you just have to stop thinking about it next time you see her, just walk up and talk as if to anyone else.

    This is how you should talk to yourself - if I don't speak to her I will never have a chance.

    Once you start talking you'd realize it just feels normal.

    • "Once you start talking you'd realize it just feels normal." - in theory, except I have no idea what to say lol. I'm cr@p at talking to people, especially girls, unless they're talkative people. Which is probably why I get on so well with these two ladies in the class - they both are very chatty and sociable I didn't have to put much effort in to get to talking to them.

    • If I'm feeling self-conscious, I generally will do a quick brainstorm about the kinds of things that make good conversation should I get stuck. Eg. A football match or a party I am invited to, some well-regarded extra-cirricular activity that I am involved with, something fun that happened during the week, something good that happened at work? I mean, sad but just stick with crowd pleasers and you can break the ice at least.