How do I break the ice with a cute girl I only see once a week?

From this class I'm in which we only attend once a week. We haven't really spoken properly yet, not properly anyway. It's a class in which we sit around the perimeter of the room and we sit at other ends of the room to each other with our backs to each other, just by chance really.

Anyway she's too cute, especially her voice. Makes me smile when I hear her talk lol. She's very friendly and smiley but like me kinda' shy and I suppose I mostly just talk to these other two girls - they're like my class buddies I suppose. She's flashed me a smile or two. Flashed me a smile out of the blue in the last class with no apparent reason. Maybe I'm reading too much into it as I often do though right.

She's not really made an effort to make conversation with me just as I haven't with her. I don't really make conversation with people I don't know/haven't spoken to properly before, especially if they're girls. I'm not un-sociable just shy. I don't really know how to. The two ladies in the class I get on with I just seemed to naturally click with, like I get on with them without having to try. But it's always the same for me with girls - I get on really well with girls I'm not attracted to, but if it's a girl I have a crush on I struggle to talk to her and just generally don't really talk to her much...

...what do you think?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think that if you are interested in her that you need to let her know. My best suggestion is to just be yourself. There is nothing worse that a really corny come on line or someone who is really obviously trying to pick you up. Just be who you are and strike up a conversation with her. Maybe what do you think about this class etc. If she is sending you body language signals that she is interested you need to let her know that you are interested too. Smile back and be friendly and open. She might be shy and scared as well. Good luck!