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Would this be considered cheating on his wife?

If a married man told another woman he likes her, flirted with her, complimented her, stared at her, helped her out in anyway possible, cares about her, would this be considered cheating on his wife? What do you guys think?

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  • No.Has he made out with her?Slept with her?Then he hasn't cheated on his wife.

    • No not slept with her, not made out with her, everything I said above though.

    • Then it's not cheating.

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  • Does his wife know about this relationship?A relationship that needs to be kept a secret is most likely a relationship that shouldn't be anyways.It is called emotional cheating.

    • Don't think so. Would you guys consider this an emotional affair?

    • Yes! That IS considered an emotional affair.When you give your intimate emotions to another outside the relationship, that is emotional cheating.

  • Something dodgy by the sounds of it but not cheating...not yet at least.

  • I'd consider that cheating, yeah.

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