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Would this be considered cheating on his wife?

If a married man told another woman he likes her, flirted with her, complimented her, stared at her, helped her out in anyway possible, cares about... Show More

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  • No.Has he made out with her?Slept with her?Then he hasn't cheated on his wife.

    • No not slept with her, not made out with her, everything I said above though.

    • Then it's not cheating.

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  • Does his wife know about this relationship?A relationship that needs to be kept a secret is most likely a relationship that shouldn't be anyways.It is called emotional cheating.

    • Don't think so. Would you guys consider this an emotional affair?

    • Yes! That IS considered an emotional affair.When you give your intimate emotions to another outside the relationship, that is emotional cheating.

  • Something dodgy by the sounds of it but not cheating...not yet at least.

  • I'd consider that cheating, yeah.

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