Egging the ex's house?

Trust me! He deserves it.

Basically we dated for six months and he never told me he wasn't ready for a relationship until it was far too late to say that. And he said things like he didn't like seeing me and he stopped liking me a month before the breakup and he never missed me, I was just a pain in the ass or a distraction.

SO I told him I deserve better and that I have too much self respect to stay there and dumped him a week and a half ago.

And me and my sister are going to egg his house because he's the one to clean it up.

(He won't suspect its me because my guy best friend already agreed to text him something like 'Dont hurt girls like her again."

Honestly, I think he deserves the pain of that because he's such an awful person.

Should I do it?

1. He does deserve it, he tore me up emotionally and f***ed me over to get physical stuff.

2. I dumped him, he didn't dump me, because he deserved that too.

3. I would notget caught because my best friend (a guy, who he hated) would message him and tell him that he did it, or hint at it in some way.


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  • That's lame. He's going to know why it happened, and he's going to suspect that you did it despite what you say. Although it is a bit of a hassle to clean up, he will enjoy the fact that you liked him so much that you go out of your way to express your anger. That's something to smile about.

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      @update: For one, it doesn't matter. Drop it. Seriously, he should be happy if you go through with it. Secondly, again, I doubt he's that stupid to believe it was just your friend. Psycho girls are pretty predictable. You should try dating a girl sometime.