Egging the ex's house?

Trust me! He deserves it.

Basically we dated for six months and he never told me he wasn't ready for a relationship until it was far too late to say that. And he said things like he didn't like seeing me and he stopped liking me a month before the breakup and he never missed me, I was just a pain in the ass or a distraction.

SO I told him I deserve better and that I have too much self respect to stay there and dumped him a week and a half ago.

And me and my sister are going to egg his house because he's the one to clean it up.

(He won't suspect its me because my guy best friend already agreed to text him something like 'Dont hurt girls like her again."

Honestly, I think he deserves the pain of that because he's such an awful person.

Should I do it?

1. He does deserve it, he tore me up emotionally and f***ed me over to get physical stuff.

2. I dumped him, he didn't dump me, because he deserved that too.

3. I would notget caught because my best friend (a guy, who he hated) would message him and tell him that he did it, or hint at it in some way.


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  • That's lame. He's going to know why it happened, and he's going to suspect that you did it despite what you say. Although it is a bit of a hassle to clean up, he will enjoy the fact that you liked him so much that you go out of your way to express your anger. That's something to smile about.

    • @update: For one, it doesn't matter. Drop it. Seriously, he should be happy if you go through with it. Secondly, again, I doubt he's that stupid to believe it was just your friend. Psycho girls are pretty predictable. You should try dating a girl sometime.

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  • No. You have not convinced me he deserves it.

    You're just upset he doesn't want you like you wanted him. But nobody owes you that.

    Really he should have dumped you a month earlier, but people are pretty bad about ending things cleanly.

    • How did he 'tear you up emotionally' in a way that was intentionally mean rather then you simply getting hurt by how things turned out?

  • BE the bigger person and just move on with your life...dwelling on and about him, will only hamper you from moving on and meeting someone new.

  • He may deserve it, but I think you should take a moral high ground here. No matter how bad he is, it's not worth it. Besides, there's always a chance of getting caught, always the chance he'd know it's you. Still, even without that, it's not worth it, he's not worth it, no matter how much you think he deserves it. Just let it go. Be the better person. Move on. Forget about him. There's no point in being a psycho ex.

    So, no, don't do it.

    • Yeah, he deserves it, but he's not worth it. Don't sink to such a stupid, childish and petty level. Be better than that. Helpha. Nearly everyone here is strongly advising you NOT to do it. Why even ask us if you should do it, if after so many people here answer by telling you NOT to do it, isn't good enough? Why even ask if you're just going to do it anyway?

  • Just move on. try to make your next relationship a better one. Did you ask him what he wanted in the relationship? There is no legally binding road map of how a relationship has to pan out where you have to become official after so much time, so it is kind of your own fault if you just assumed what he wanted.

  • No, that sh*t is childish to get so hung up on someone you claim isn't worth your time (which he is worth enough for this) to want to get revenge on him. He might be the one that strings people along, but you'd be the angry, crazy ex.

    Do something better with your time and energy.

    • @update, now you're trying to justify it because you're in a fit of emotional rage. No matter how much you feel he deserves it, you're acting like a child.

    • Also, why are you wanting your friend to take the blame and get him wrapped up in this?

  • Don't be a crazy ex.

  • dont be an immature bithc. suck it up. jesus its a break up its not like he killed your fukcing dog.

  • His parents don't deserve it.

  • LOL, good idea!

  • This is childish. Egging? Really? Grow up and move on.

  • If you do this, you're just as childish as your ex. You'll be in no moral position to lecture us on how immature he was if you start acting like a six year old girl. Grow up!


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  • my ex wasn't THAT bad... but he was bad the way he went about the breakup. didn't stop me and my friend from cycling to his house, blowing up condoms, and tying them to a tree outside his house though :P then we just sat on his bank outside and smoked :P. he knew it was me. I really didn't care. he then went on to date my 2 of my close friends. ass. but anyway, I had THE best night with my friend that night and ill always remember it! :) as long as your sure you won't get caught id say a bitta egg will do him no harm :L

  • Ugh you will just make yourself look so dumb if you do that oh and he will def know that you did it. He's not an idiot. Lol

  • Out of 18 people commenting here or commenting on comments, 16 told you you definitely shouldn't.

    Do what you want, bro, but take the hint.

    Also, most people are not that stupid. If my bitchy ex-girlfriend had a problem with me and then my house got egged, I'd probably assume she had something to do with it. If you don't care about yourself, have the common decency to care if your friend gets in trouble for it at least.

  • I think we all have those hateful feelings after a breakup so I completely understand why you're saying this. My friends even tried to suggest to me that we do that to my ex's house. I said no, and here's why. I don't want to ruin any chance of friendship or maybe even that tiny chance of dating again if his feelings change. Also, all he did was break up with you.. given that he was a little rude about it, but if it's not HIS house, don't do it. His parents could call the cops or something. Not a mess you want to get into, is it?

    If you still aren't convinced that you shouldn't do it, go do something a little less damaging, like sticking plastic forks in his yard or teepeeing him. It's funny and also takes some time to clean up. Plus it's not as expensive? :)

  • It's childish, and you're essentially punishing his parents, not him. Assuming he's also still just a teenager. He'll know it has to do with you. You can also get in legal trouble for that.

    It was six months and he was a jerk. Grow up, be an adult, and move on. It sounds like you're not even hurt - you're just vindictive and want revenge. Don't waste time on him. It'll just turn you into a "crazy ex-girlfriend" story.

  • Grow up and move on.