Is "my" girlfriend crazy or what?

The thing goes like this: I was in a relationship with this girl, she went to her country for holiday, while there she said in an email that she was not ready for a serious relationship. I took it as a sort of break-up. I waited until she came back, asked and she broke up with me in the following days effectively, we decided to see each other next week, we slept together that night without intimating. We kept seeing each other for the following weeks, still talking and kissing. One day I got sort of drunk and talked to her what was going with us and she said that we were "more than friends" and that we were only allowed to kiss each other. Next day we intimate... Am I going to lose my mind or what?


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  • Just ask her exactly what she wants. If she says she doesn't know what she wants and that bothers you, you don't have to stick around.

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