I Broke Up With Her Now I Want Her Back

Here is my situation. Me and my girlfriend seem to argue alt. But I have come to realize I have made mountains out of mole hills. Because we argued so much I lacked on giving her affection. So 2 weeks ago I said we shouldn't be together. I devastated her. She told me when you love someone you fight for that love. We still stayed in contact for the last two weeks through text. A week into all of this I told her I wanted to try to work this out if she wanted too. She seemed interested. Then a few days ago we started arguing again and she called me an a**hole ( she never called me any names before and neither did I) and out of anger I called her a slut. I am an a**hole for that and I really regret it. For the next few days she hasn't responded to any of my texts or calls. I left her a note on her care pouring out my heart and apologizing and the next day left flowers candy and a card for her mom to give to her. Then yesterday I bumped into her in the store and we talked a little and I bought her coffee. I asked if she still loved me and she said yes but she doesn't like me right now. I asked if we could meet up and talk, somewhere other then the store, she said not today but maybe tomorrow but she wasn't making any promises. I gave her a hug goodbye and she wished me a good day at work.

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.

Thank you everyone for your replys. I guess we will see where it goes


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  • Screw this crap! Some of the answers are a load of crap and could possibly ruin your chances. Brownchic's method would personally make me call you an a-hole and a select few other things. She is hurt because you called her a slut...especially if she most definitely hasn't slept with anyone, or many guys. I've had one guy intimately and if he called me a slut, I'd be devastated and it'd be hard to forgive him. We've had our fair share of nane calling...and the first time he called me a b!tch it crushed me... Because I never thought he'd say it back, but he apologized, and I explained how hurt he made me, and why I called him out of his name...had he IGNORED ME I would have jumoed to the conclusion he meant it...and in your ex's case...I would move on and look for a new guy. It's really painful to be called names right? Wouldn't you want her to apologize and make up for the pain with a little affection? Ignoring the problem never fixes it...a d I agree...if you love someone you fight for them. I ran after my boyfriend in the dark before we started dating when he left once, I RAN. I ran until I collapsed because I didn't want to lose him. He has ran after me in the same scenario after that.. You both need to sit down and talk about the things thst make you mad... And avoid the reasonble things...but you both need to find something...counting to ten, walking away, something that calms you down when you're mad at each other. Me and my boyfriend fight a lot... But at the end of the day, talking it out, the apologies, the cuddling...him reminding me he loves me, making me food, it reminds me thst he really does love me... And if he didn't do all those things, how would I know he didn't mean to say those mean things? Love isn't about "I'm nit talking to you!" childish games...it's about letting go of your silly and stupid pride and BOTH OF YOU trying to make it work...because you feel you need to. Because your life is SO much better with them in it. :) I'm not that old...but I realize games only make it worse. I WOULD RATHER BE TO VULNERABLE THEN OVER DEFENSIVE ANY DAY! Why? Cause then you can say you gave it your all...and guess what? Even if it doesn't work out? It's practice for the girl who will absolutely ADORE YOU for how hard you try for her. IT DEFINITELY isn't attractive or a solution to ignore her if she texts you.. Yeah you can lay off the texts for a day or two...if you want to give her time to vent... But a week is harsh...she will think you've found another girl and that she doesn't mean anything to you.


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  • you are coming off too desperate for him..i would say just don't make any contact to her for at least 2-3 weeks...she will come back to you...she will be confused as to why you are not giving her any more attention via texting or calling and stuff..right now she thinks she can walk all over you..so I'd say apply No contact rule starting today! make sure when she texts you ..u don't reply to her text..atleast first couple of texts! pick up the phone if she calls u..u showed her that you would fight for her she's taking advantage of that...now its her turn to prove that same love for you!

  • The perfect relationship is not the one where partners don't argue. But this case can simply be two personalities clashing with each other. My advice to you is to give it a rest for a while so you two can get some breathing space. Take time to think about the good qualities about her that you like and hold on to that. Then when you see her again, you can sit and have a civilized conversation and decide where you want to go after that. If it does not work out that way then just leave it alone. Sometimes people need to be apart in order to grow and mature so they can be together. So who knows, maybe in future you might meet again and everything would be just fine.

  • Continue to show her you really care and you really want the relationship to work. She sounds like she's softening up so keep trying! No girl can resist that. She loves you deep down, she's just hurt. Give her a little space but not too much :) Fight for love! Good luck

  • she will comeback if you give her some time to calm down but you guys may not be happy together if you continued like this

  • I don't think you two should be together. It sounds like,even though you still have, and that is perfectly natural to still have, feelings for each other still. You two werent even apart for more than a week and you were already calling each other bad names. .its just my opinion, though.


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