Is it time to end the relationship?

my boyfriend of ten months and I have had our ups and downs.. we were going out for a month when he started tellin his ex he loves her he told me about it two months later explaining that feeling is gone he's over her.. 6 months later he kissed another girl at the river and never told me till four months later.. when he told me he kissed her his best friend came over to my house and we layed in my bed for a while holding hands and flirting pretty aggresively.. we didn't kiss or anything like that he just rubbed on my legs stomach and side I told my boyfriend a week later and he told me we just needed a break.. that lasted for a day and we got back together he brings up what I did with his best friend quite often.. he says he doesn't know if he could ever trust me again but he still wants to be with me..should we just end it if he doesn't have that trust and we cheated on one another?


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  • Yeah it's over

    Dump him


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  • All that's happened and you are only 10 months in? I'd say end it. I don't think either of you are that committed. It's clearly doing nothing to enrich your lives, so why keep it?


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  • It was time to end the relationship when he told his ex he loved her. So you're about nine months behind schedule.