What is he trying to get out of me?

I've been getting with this guy for about 3 months now. It started out weird because he was still hooking up with his ex and she didn't like me so it was kind of an on and off thing. I told him if he was just going to get back together with her eventually that I couldn't talk to him anymore to save... Show More

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  • Ask him what he wants, but more importantly work out what you want and tell him. What do you really want?

    You've let him get to know you, it sounds like it's growing into something you both want. And hopefully he will have worked out if he thinks you're the girlfriend he wants right now. Ask him does he want a exlclusing relationship with you or does he still want "fun"? Sounds like he is saying that he likes you, this is fun, but someday I might just be gone, OK, cool. Is that what he means?

    Or maybe as he has gotten to know you he has fallen for you.

    You are on here asking because you're aware that you're at that crossroads: does he still want "fun", or is he ready to be just the two of you.

    Talk with him. If he says "fun" then are you happy with that? If not then tell him. It's a two way thing, this is not just about you serving his happiness. It has to be good for you too.

    If he says he wants you both to boyfriend+girlfriend then that's great. But you won't know until you chat!

    If a guy thinks he can mess you about, well, what would you think about a guy who you could mess about? You can't let people mess you about. I'd tell him he's had enough "fun time" but if he wants to stick with you then it's going to be just you. If he doesn't want to stop "having fun" then tell him that you can have too, not just him!

    Also, is he the greatest guy you know?