Should I say Merry Christmas to my ex?

We haven't talked in almost a year. We still had feelings for each other last time we talked, but I didn't want a relationship... well I did but I am dealing with stressful times, I still am, I love him and want to be with him... but I can't, at least for now... see this is what I hate... I feel like I'm leading him on, or that by saying merry Christmas he will think I'm interested again...I don't want to make him think that, but I'd hate to loose all contact with him... maybe I'm just being selfish... maybe I should leave him alone if I can't make up my mind? I don't want to play with his hear. I have already done that enough to him in the past...

I miss him so much and I just want to talk to him...

If you think It would be OK to send this how should I say it?

should I mention I miss him? or would that make it seem like I like him?

I would like to add something to my message(sending it over Facebook) but I don't know what... oh also I don't know if he has a girlfriend or not...

Any help is greatly appreciated! Happy Holidays guys.

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I don't want to play with his heart*


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  • If you really love and miss him so much..Why don't you get into a relationship again?

    "May you get what you want in this Christmas. Merry Christmas"

    this has a lot of meaning inside it.

    You don't need to say you miss him as your sending him a wish is a proof that you do miss.

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      um well I will just be honest, I can't date him because, I am unemployed, overweight, severely depressed, somedays I'm on the verge of going into a mental hospital, I don't want to come back into his life like that... I should probably just stay out of his life, but It kills me not to have any contact, we had some great times. If I text him he will probably want to see me.. and also get back with him... he never seems to understand my depression/craziness, I think he thinks I just use it as an e

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      This is a good idea, I don't want to come into his life being a downer... I want to be the girl he fell in the beginning... I don't know why I always want to contact him when I feel my lowest...hmmm. But anyways, I realize I'm in no shape to contact him again, maybe when I am a little more stable I can, because right now it's too hard to even fake it. Thanks for you advice:)

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      hey sweety! don't feel low! you think about him because you love him. and by what you have said I feel he also loves you same. you just need to do some meditation, be positive in life. may be go around some time and play with small children in some park or in an orphanage. stop worrying too much. and you must believe in yourself. you are kind, you are good, you are sacrificing and matured. and no doubt you are in a stable state that you still care so much about him! so just calm down, breathe in