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She wants to take things slow?

Me and this girl had been seeing each other all summer and we were crazy about each other and I had never felt that way before but I had to go away... Show More

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  • Some girls have barriers around their heart. Back when I was in school I was taught that a kiss was precious and only to be shared with someone you could trust. Otherwise it should be just a kiss on the cheek. Let her be the one to kiss you and if she is worth every bit of it then you should have no problem waiting. She's gonna give you the chance to unlock those barriers, but only if you let her. When me and my boyfreind sped up too fast it nearly broke us up because going fast means you better be able to take the responsibility that goes with it.

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      because going fast means you better be able to take the responsibility that goes with it.

      --what responsibility?

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  • 'She is worth every bit of it.' Seems you already have your answer. :) Take things at her pace - you don't want to make her uncomfortable and risk scaring her away. I've ended things with a guy I was going on dates with for that reason.

  • If she is worth it then go with her pace. Though I think it's weird about the kissing I mean yeah take it slow on sex or make out sessions but a kiss ! Espacially after thhat date!

  • Just take it slow. You'll be okay or she wouldn't have continued talking to you. She probably is just afraid that if you rush it could get ruined somehow. Slow is the best trust me. It makes everything mean so much more. Later on down the road, like a few months from now, tell her you love her if that's how you fee. =]

  • If she wants to take it slow, you should listen. It's never good to rush a relationship; often people end up breaking up. Think of the long-term benefits rather than short-term. Have patience! :)

  • ASK her. you're going to get all sorts of stories on here, some will f*** you up if you take them to heart and they don't depict her personality at all.. ASK HER.

    she raised it , she has an obligation to explain it.

  • Be patient. A lot of relationships don't work out if the people go to fast. So she wants the relationship to work. That's what I said to my husband when we first started dating and we are happy that we went slow. Hope everything works out God bless :)

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  • Did you kiss her this summer? Usually when a girl says this your being to clingy and its freaking her out. Back off some.

    • without question we did

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