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Do you think this is a good idea?

Hey people, here's my story. After breaking up with my girlfriend TWICE (and both driven by her decision, as she stated she was not prepared for a... Show More

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  • I say give her a piece of your mind. Someone needs to put her in her place. Why not you.

    • Ace! I am more calm now that the moment I published the question, but anyways, perhaps that's good since I would be calm enough to think and articulate any word in order to make her think at least that she can't go through life doing whatever she feels like doing, even though it could hurt people around her. All the best.

    • Good luck to you! And thanks for BA!

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  • If you want to talk about the break up and the relationship and her behavior during that, ask her if she's willing to meet up to talk since you have some things you want to say. If she doesn't want to, ask her why, if she doesn't give a good reason, tell her again you need to get some things off of your chest.

    If she really doesn't want to, tell her that you want to be left alone for a while, since you need time to get over her and the relationship you had. If she doesn't get it and keeps texting or/and calling you, ignore her and if that's hard, block her number.

    Good luck!

    • She'll be willing to have a meeting. Trust me. I'd not hi her calls or sms back anyways. As the days passed by I am more calm now and I'll see. Thanks!

  • ignore her. don't date her anymore. if you don't think you can speak your words, at least don't let her have the upper hand over your life. you should be the one who masters your mind. block her number. and don't meet her anymore! I would hate to be in your position, your ex is too selfish I think.

    • Thanks! While we were together, it was the nicest girl ever. But after the first attempt of break-up from her (that appear out if the blue, believe me), things changed. I can say she's rather a selfish person.

  • i would just stay away. don't waste your time. ignore her and delete her from your life.

    • Thanks!

  • Just tell her that you can't be nice to her anymore tell her just to move on with her life and to stop making your life miserable by behaving as if nothhig happened and then just delete her number email and stuff like that

    • Pretty neat! Thanks!

    • ;-)

  • Confront her and tell her exactly how you feel. All thr best.

    • Thanks!

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