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Need advice on a friend who's a perfect match for me

Please, please, please read the entire post! The guy I'm crushing on is my fellow classmate. He just finished his second semester of his master's... Show More

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  • Go for it and deal with the bad later, have some fun while he's still there and who knows he might change his mind or get stationed some where else and same for you, you may end up marrying this guy and move with him and finish your degree else where.

What Guys Said 5

  • Sounds like infatuation to me. Time will tell you to move on. That's all I can tell you.

  • No, you only want him because he's difficult to obtain.

  • Always go for it, don't live your life with regrets.

  • Well if you have a lot in common he won't care much , some of the guys don't care if they have a lot of things in common with them girl , but he's going for eight years so I would think you would move in after those years , so ask him now , and if he rejects . You have eight years to get over him

What Girls Said 1

  • That depends... If you two can establish a serious, good-based and strong relationship, you could keep on seeing each other and keep on dating while he's in Europe, you could visit him, he could visit you, ... But it could be that's he's a bit reluctant to start something just because he'll be gone for 8 years, that's quite a long time.

    You could go for it, but keep in mind that chances are he'll reject because of the 8 years in Europe (or the fact that he's not that into you).

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