My ex wished me Merry Xmas....

But I didn't respond. He was abusive during our whole relationship and lied to me alot. He wasn't even able to break up with me, he decided to ignore me, so I had to find him. When we broke up he told me many many bad things, then I still tried to win him back, but he ignored it. I haven't spoken him for a few months.

I don't understand why he decided to wish me Merry Xmas but I didn't respond to protect my feelings. Was is it a bad idea or should I wished him too? I still miss him and I am not over it.


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  • he probably was just thinking about you. during holidays regardless of how relationships are/were we tend to think about them.

    I don't think you should feel about not responding and based on your description of the guy and the relationship I think you have every right not to respond.

    You mentioned you miss him and are not over him. Do you miss him specifically or just having a relationship and someone you know who is out there thinking about you and caring for you? I ask because it doesn't sound like he deserves you

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      I don't know what I miss about him, after BU he immediately started to date another women. He acted really like he didn't care much during the whole relationship. I really think that I miss just someone who would think of me. I don't know it was like I got my hopes up that maybe he changed. But I don't think that happened. I decided I won't wish him happy NY and won't talk to him because I don't think he cares.

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      it's killer hard in a break up because you get wishy washy for the person even though you know that they are not good for you. I've even gotten back with a few exes cause I missed them (it never worked). It seems that mostly we miss a person loving, thinking, and caring about us. You'll find someone who will make you forget how you ever felt about that guy who didn't deserve you.