She cheated on me with another woman?

I started seeing this girl in April. We were having a great time till about the 4th month in. She told me she suffered from severe depression and has for a long time, I told her that I would be there to support her because I was falling for this girl and I don't believe that you run out on someone... Show More

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  • NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! lol. Seriously, no. Don't give up ^_^

    I know it's hard to deal with something like that especially when you took the time to try to build something with another. It's very sweet that you stood by her when she was going through some hard times

    Point is, You shouldn't give up. ^_^

    Yes, you have been hurt by this woman but it doesn't mean all women are like that. It may be hard to trust someone again but it's always worth it when you find someone worth loving and how can you do that if you shut down/give up?

    You should take some time to get over her and what she has done. She had her own problems but it doesn't mean that it should bring you down. You're only ruining a chance for yourself and a chance for someone else to truly be happy with one another.

    You get what you give. If you deny someone what you can give then how can you get it in return? Unconditional love should be given to not just anyone but someone who is worth that effort.

    Hope it helps ^-^ Don't give up! hahahahah XD