Cheated on my boyfriend and feel terrible, what should I do?

Me and my boyfriend have been together since we were sixteen, he's the love of my life, we lost our virginity to each other and want to stay together forever, but I've been an idiot and on a night out I had sex with one of his friends. I decided to tell my boyfriend to show him that I'm being honest with him but he broke down and started crying and looking really sad. He was asking ME not to leave HIM, when I thought he would be the one to leave me. I knew I'd broken his heart and betrayed him but I was okay to live with the guilt till I regained his trust but we were lying in bed last night holding each other before going to sleep and I could hear him crying trying to keep it silent, I feel so awful, I hate that I've hurt him like this, what should I do now that's best for him?

Found stuff in the bathroom, really worried he might be self harming again.
He's still hurting, won't talk to his friend, neither will I, I'm doing my best guys.


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  • cheated on him...and he begged you not to leave him? Wow. You effed up pretty bad. If it were me, I'd kick you to the curb. But you have an exceptionally understanding guy, all you can do is try to prove yourself to him, prove that you are worthy of his trust. Usually I would ridicule the kid for crying like that, but I actually really feel bad for him. The kid actually LOVES you.

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      I know he loves me, I feel like a terrible person.

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      think it was the kicking to the curb comment, some people just don't get that you don't actually physically mean kicking a girl till she falls down to the curb... this IS the internet lol

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      Wow, didn't realize I needed to explain