How can I deal with ex girlfriend problems?

me and my girlfriend well now ex dated for little over two years. she broke up with me 4 days go. its been real hard for me cause I'm still fully in love with her. while we were dating at the time the last two weeks that I was with her she ignored me a lot and the really hurt my feelings big time but anyways she sent text saying to me I don't want to be in a relationship anymore. so I texted her back saying can we please talk about this on the phone and she said no cause she was busy. so I texted her saying how come you wanna break it off is there anything I can do to change your mind . and she reply back saying I just dnt wanna be in a relationship. then I asked her is there someone else and she no there isn't then she told me we can be just friends for now I need some time to myself . I asked her if we can text and call and stuff and she yea we can so later on that night she called me as if nothing happen in the first place which was weird to me. she been doing this for the past couple of days now I mean I want to her back in my life and stuff is there anything I can to get her back or what should I do in this situation? thanks for all the comments


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hmm... it sounds like she doesn't know what she wants right now for whatever reason but I would just give her some space for a while and let her think things through, I know it's a big gamble because you don't know if she will come back to you, but if not then it's her loss. If she still can't make up her mind afterward then I would really consider breaking it off, you sound like a very loyal guy and I know what it's like when guys don't know what they want ether but you deserve better than someone who leaves you hurting on the side lines, I feel she needs to open up to you as well, there is a lot of communication lacking in your relationship and just basically she put a big wall in front of you all of a sudden and just wants to leave without an explanation? how is that right at all? you deserve an answer. I've had guys who I dated just leave without telling me white, just out of the blue completely blanked out his emotions and ignored me like non of it meant anything, don't let her do it to you as well.