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How can I deal with ex girlfriend problems?

me and my girlfriend well now ex dated for little over two years. she broke up with me 4 days go. its been real hard for me cause I'm still fully in... Show More

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  • Hmm... it sounds like she doesn't know what she wants right now for whatever reason but I would just give her some space for a while and let her think things through, I know it's a big gamble because you don't know if she will come back to you, but if not then it's her loss. If she still can't make up her mind afterward then I would really consider breaking it off, you sound like a very loyal guy and I know what it's like when guys don't know what they want ether but you deserve better than someone who leaves you hurting on the side lines, I feel she needs to open up to you as well, there is a lot of communication lacking in your relationship and just basically she put a big wall in front of you all of a sudden and just wants to leave without an explanation? how is that right at all? you deserve an answer. I've had guys who I dated just leave without telling me white, just out of the blue completely blanked out his emotions and ignored me like non of it meant anything, don't let her do it to you as well.

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  • I think it's pretty crappy of her to break up with you over text like that. I would say it's your decision whether you want to keep talking to her or just leave her alone, but I wouldn't talk to her as anything more than friends; keep in mind, you are not together anymore. And to be perfectly honest with you, if I were you I wouldn't talk to her at all and I would wait for her to figure out exactly what she's wanting right now. I know it's tough to leave her alone, but if you can try to start distancing yourself from her, she might realize she's made a mistake and come back. Just don't forget what you deserve. Wishing you the best of luck.

  • Let her go. My boyfriend's ex did basically the same thing to him. He was devestated because they dated for six years. But after a some months of being miserable he got back up and started taking control and moved on. My boyfriend and I met and are extremely happy and I a loving relationship that we plan to keep until death do us part.

    It may hurt now, but any girl who dumps you like that doesn't deserve you. You're too good for her and she doesn't realize it. Let her go and "the one" will come along when you least expect it.

  • I think that she found someone else. Of course she wouldn't tell you if she did, but I don't think she's just confused or something, there's a reason. If I were you, I would try not to focus on her at all, if she calls or texts you should reply, but don't seem like it effects you and don't be begging her back. If someone isn't 100% into you, yes it sucks at first, but it means that's not the person for you. You deserve someone who is in it 100% and that is not her. I know it sucks to hear but the only thing that will help is time. Sorry, that is sh*tty

  • well whatever you do don't listen to kimbutler001 voodoo or love spells aren't the answer sweetie follow your heart

  • well your best bet is waiting for her to "get some space" and when she is all good then slowing move in and lean in to a relationship conversation and before you know it she'll be tell you exactly how it happened in her mind...


  • just leave her alone... it is only going to hurt you more to keep trying to make contact... break ups rarely go the way we want them to go. there's nothing you can do if she's ignoring you, just try to move on.

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  • Nothing you can do man. She's gone forever...and that's the way you need to keep it. Girls get one chance at you per lifetime. The best advice I can give you is go to doclove.com...get the book the System, and listen to the weekly radio show on Thurs. nights. It will change your life. Good luck man!

  • lose some weight fatso.

    this time next year you'll be laughing about it as it will be a big F@#k You to her.

  • Stay in touch with her, but don't ask her again and again to get back together, it will only push her further away.

    Pretend it's nothing serious, and see if she opens the door again.

    It will require patience, so don't flood her with sweet words or "i love you" nor reproaches. Say you love her once, and wait for her to react.

    If she doesn't, well she's gone already. Move on.

    If she does, be careful (after all, she'll be on trial period again) but play it cool.

    Hope it goes well for you!

  • She's not out of your life yet, buddy.

    When someone breaks up with their significant other, it means that the relationship is over.

    There is no chance at saving this one.

    Refocus and kill it for yourself.

    Reload and get ready for the next girl..

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