She's an athletic girl, but she wants to insult a jealous, mean skinny girl?

My girlfriend and her ex-friend (female) were training in the gym. They both were skinny, but my girlfriend became athletic and toned. Her friend gave up. She is very jealous and talks behind my girlfriend back about her body. All people (and herself) know that my girlfriend looks much better than... Show More

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  • Sorry to say but the only way to win this IS to ignore her, her friend is nothing but a silly, immature drama queen who has low self-esteem issues, is there honestly really anything to gain by delving into drama that will only make you both unhappy and constantly feeling angry at this girl?, don't be silly and see that that girl is just doing it for attention because she lives in so much self-pity, I have been friends with a few of these types of girls now and all your doing is keeping the first going in a never ending battle, ether of them are going to win all they are doing is making themselves look stupid, think about what influence she is having on herself and how she is encouraging those around her by also acting immature by constantly having to win. My bro is the same way but 10 times worse and all it ends in is one of us in tears, so for sure just walk away, she is not worth all the tears and feelings of angryness, focus on just what makes you happy. If your girlfriend is so happy with herself why does she still feel the need to compete with her? lol.