Is he cheating on me?

I sent my boyfriend a message and asked him if he was still at church and he replied he was still there and ended it with a girls name : I'm still here Simone... my name isn't Simone


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  • Yeah, it's most likely that he's cheating. A slim chance that he had a brainfart, but I doubt it. Look, I wouldn't take any chances. I'd confront him, give him hell, tell him you know he's cheating, (but don't tell him what you know) and tell him to just admit it. Regardless of whether he tells you or not, I say you should just leave. The trust is already broken, and trust is not one of those things that repairs. You could also bypass this whole thing entirely and just leave, and offer your explanation some other time.

    Bottom line is, yeah I think he's cheating, the trust is gone, and you should leave.

    • Thank you , I think he is cheating.. he said he was going to church at 7 ish tonight and I messaged him at 10 ish tonight and he said he was still there... no one goes to church for that long especially at night...

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    • That is a normal wed night in the south look at the church website calendar. If he was with simone he wouldn't have had a reason to be texting her

    • No I mean, I don't imagine it would take three hours.

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  • Yes, that can be a sign of cheating.

    Beware of those names because it may be the people who will go unfaithful acts with your boyfriend, and they will end up hurting you at the end.

  • couldve been an autocorrect on something else?

  • can't be possible. He's religious and attending church. Only non-religious people could possibly be cheating.

  • I really think it is just an autocorrect screwing with you.

  • It could be an autocorrect mistake on the phone. They can be tricky.


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  • I'm thinking it's autocorrect. Is your boyfriend so stupid that your name would come up on his phone and while he's staring at your name, he'd call you by a girlfriend's name?

    In the end, whether we think he's cheating doesn't matter. Can you trust him? If not, then it's over anyway.

  • Well obviously that was someone else name(sounds like a girl name)but we do not know who is that person.Yes big chance he is cheating but not enough proof to accuse him.Try to figure out if his family members or female friends has that name.

  • could it have been predictive text?

  • If I were in your shoes I would do one of two things.

    You could teasingly say something like, whos Simone? and see how he reactsand explain that it was in the text.

    Or you could just take it at face value and give the situation the benefit of the doubt that it was a typo. I don't think this is enough info to definitavely say he is cheating on you. You would have to look for other signs.

    • he said it was auto correct sermon as in the church preacher...i don't know what to believe