Do guys really wait until the new girl is within reach to break up with the previous girl?

I have heard that guys often wait until they feel like they can get the new girl that they have their eyes on before breaking up with their previous girlfriend if things have been going bad for a while. Is that true?

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  • Lol. I don't think so. Sure, if you are on the verge of leaving your girl and you happen to meet a new girl there may be added incentive to leave. But I don't believe that most guys would stay with a girl they don't like anymore. It would basically mean he was just using her as a sex object.rhat might be a small percentage of guys but I think most wouldn't.

    • lol guys _never_ use girls just for sex. never. you're right. ;-)

      really? c'mon .its been in style for 1,000s of years.

      not only do guys stay just for sex. theyll lie to get in just for sex. not all men to be sure. but its much more than a few. a lot see kit as some sort f pathetic right of passage. lying successfully. or even guilt over doing so. iys have to be able to share stories in locker rooms- don't they.

    • Jeeze, can you be anymore jaded? Whatever happened to you must've been rough, but all men aren't like that. In fact most aren't, maybe it's just the men you've been dating. That begs the question; is it just your judgement that's poor or is there something about you attracts creeps. But believe it or not most guys aren't complete a holes.