I can't sleep with my boyfriend, help!

I need some advice from people who have been through this! My boyfriend and I are very close, we currently live in two different cities because I'm finishing school. I've found that whenever we are visiting, I just can't sleep in the same bed as him! I just lay awake most of the night, or get... Show More

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  • One of my exes were exactly the same, I suggested a queen size bed and she told me that its not the case of wanting or not wanting me near her at night, but after sex, she plans to sleep, so she doesn't want me disturbing that, so the bed was big enough, she wore ear plugs due to noise, and always had the window open, which unfortunately was on my side, but I dealt with that, and it went very well, this was not the reason we decided to go our own ways, but the size bed and efforts, she slept well after, and I never had to sleep on the sofa again lol,x