Can guys call other girls beautiful if they're taken?

I'm in a tough situation. My boyfriend thinks the world of me ands wants marriage already Because he loves me that much but I'm confused. My ex loves me and wants to get back together(I broke up with him) and I believe he's sorry for making a certain mistake. My other ex has a girlfriend and he seem flirty and calls me beautiful all the time. I don't know what even to think..should I devote to my guy or reconsider?

Perhaps you have all been mistaken..when I said can guys call girls beautiful even if they're taken, I was refering to the guy.


Most Helpful Guy

  • This is really two very separate questions

    First about the guy you should devote yourself to:

    first decide which guy you want. Then tell they others how you feel and pursue the relationship with the one you want. In my personal opinion it sounds like your current boyfriend is a good guy but if you're even questioning whether or not you should be with him or someone else I'd wonder how strongly you feel for him. Like if you loved your current boyfriend you wouldn't even consider these other guys

    Your second question about telling a taken girl she is beautiful:

    sure guys can tell you that you're beautiful even if you're taken. Clearly this is true since you're experiencing it. Now for example I'm in a relationship but if a female friend of mine is looking especially pretty a certain day (taken or not) I'll tell her. Simply for the fact that as humans we like to be complimented. But it sounds like your ex is doing it as a way to get your attention and flirt with you which I do believe is wrong if the girl is in a relationship