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Taking a break vs breaking up?

If a guy says he needs a break and to space to clear his head ( says he is not sure he wants to be with you) but texts you everyday, is he more about... Show More

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  • I took a break, but I truly loved my boyfriend I did it more because of his b.s. I think it can help in some cases but I am back with him and I'm still not happy. I think it could take a turn and help, but like I said sometimes the crap is still lingering on. If you truly love him I would pull back as well and not respond. A true break is no calls no text or seeing them. This is hard but it may open your eyes if this is what you truly want. If he's just taking a break because he can't decide maybe you should walk away now.

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  • He needs Space to figure out how he feels about you. Him texting you everyday is proof you're on his mind.

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  • Needing spaceHe still has feelings for you but just needs to deal with his issues on his own

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  • My boyfriend and I are currently on a break. 6 months later, how did your break turn out? Did it benefit the relationship?

  • I really don't like "taking a break", that gives a guy a chance to act single while still having someone waiting for him. Maybe he does need space, maybe it's just physically? He still thinks about you a lot if he still texts you all the time. Always look your best around him, if he decides he doesn't want to be with you, his loss. Good luck woman.

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