How to break up with a boring boyfriend?

Here's my dilemma...I've been going out with this guy for three months now and realized I'm bored with him in all aspect. He's the nicest guy I know and I know he loves me. I just can't see myself with him for another more months since my interest is not his interest. I work out a lot, he doesn't. I wake up early, he would stay in bed as much as he could. I love to go out, he just want to stay home and watch movie. I don't want to break his heart but I 've got to be real with myself. Help.


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  • Try easing out of his life slowly.

    Tell him you are going to go out somewhere and you know he wouldn't enjoy it, so you're going by yourself..tell him you want to go work out, and he won't want to accompany you, so, see you later...

    ...tell him you're getting up early, and you know he won't want to do that, so you're heading out alone, or with a group of friends...

    Pretty soon he'll get the hint, and you can just stop seeing him.

    • Hell no...that's terrible advice. Why are you advising a girl to string a guy along and waste his time?

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    • I'm sure he feels the vibes, and it won't come as a shock, so don't worry about his heart that much..

      Best Answer, no?

    • Read your profile. I will give it to you so you stick around. Lol.

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  • Don't tell him you are bored with him, tell him that you just don't have enough in common. Tell him you need a more active, outgoing person, and that, as great as he is, you know that he isn't that type of person, and shouldn't try to change himself for your sake. Be honest, but spare his feelings where you can.

    Don't wait, though. Tell him right away, and get it done. The longer you put it off, the worse it will be.

  • Easiest thing to do is be honest, your at that age where being honest is the only way, so just tell him, your not happy with the direction the relationship is going, and you feel as if you both want different things, and that maybe a break will do it good, he will know that this break is already broken beyond repair, but it gives him a chance to make it seem ammicable, and decide how to go about it, and my last relationship ended in the same way, apart from it was me working out and her not, and her calling it a day, so I suppose she was right, different directions don't find a familiar junction,x

  • I suggest that you tell him immediately. Beating around the bush is only going to prolong the inevitable if you are adamant about your decision to end it.

    If you are not, sit him down and have the talk. Tell him that you are bored in the relationship and therefore considering moving on. Perhaps defining your ideal partner will better help him understand why you feel the need for a change.

    He loves you, so he should have necassary reaction to try to keep you around. If that's nolonger an option, then at least he'll walk away with an understanding of why you weren't meant to be.

  • This imo is more of a compatiblity issue than a he's boring issue.

    Make sure you let him know that you want to breakup because of compatibility issues, so he knows the REAL reason...dont say some bullsh*t such as "youre a really nice guy"...that will only leave him confused.

    Remember that another girls who likes to sleep in and stay at home watching movies won't find him boring. He's simply not for you.

  • Haha can I have you instead? I'll deal with the breakup and letting him know if you do. LOL. I love girls who workout since I workout all the time!

    Annnyway, you should be bold about it. Come off clean and clear. You have no need to explain yourself unless he asks. Be independent and just do it. It's 2013, and you shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable with breaking up with a guy. You won't hurt his feelings because instead of sticking it through and hurting him later when you're deep in, you're ending things now when it's still young.

    Good luck!

  • You just aren't compatible. Just put it out there and say the real truth. Sooner the better.

    Be well

  • i bet you're leaving him because you found a good looking guy .


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  • You'll hurt him, no matter how you'll break the news to him. Best thing is to make it hurt as less as possible, by giving him the respect he deserves. I had the same problem, a guy and I really didn't match and I'm a horrible person in breaking up with someone, I just can't do it. Anyway, I asked him over to my place with the message "we need to talk" (bad, I know, he knew something was going on but that way he could've prepared himself for possible bad news). I told him that he probably noticed that I wasn't myself lately with him anymore and that was because I just don't feel it anymore, that I don't want to waste his time but that I thought about it, thought about my feelings and I just didn't think it was fair to keep this going when I knew it wasn't gonna work out.

    So, point being: please do it while you meet up with him, not through a text or a Facebook message (horrible). Tell him wha tyou feel, or don't feel and that you think it's best to break up.

  • I just got dumped by my boyfriend. I had felt for the last few months that something was off but it was just a gut feeling that I ignored. Turns out I was right. He hadn't been interested in me and had just dragged out the relationship till now. And man does it hurt. I wish he had broken up with me when he FIRST realized that he didn't like me.

    No matter what you do, you are going to hurt his feelings. It is better to do it today rather than several months down the road when he is even more into you. Just be honest but tactful.