How to break up with a boring boyfriend?

Here's my dilemma...I've been going out with this guy for three months now and realized I'm bored with him in all aspect. He's the nicest guy I know and I know he loves me. I just can't see myself with him for another more months since my interest is not his interest. I work out a lot, he doesn't. I wake up early, he would stay in bed as much as he could. I love to go out, he just want to stay home and watch movie. I don't want to break his heart but I 've got to be real with myself. Help.


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  • Try easing out of his life slowly.

    Tell him you are going to go out somewhere and you know he wouldn't enjoy it, so you're going by yourself..tell him you want to go work out, and he won't want to accompany you, so, see you later...

    ...tell him you're getting up early, and you know he won't want to do that, so you're heading out alone, or with a group of friends...

    Pretty soon he'll get the hint, and you can just stop seeing him.

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      Hell no...that's terrible advice. Why are you advising a girl to string a guy along and waste his time?

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      I'm sure he feels the vibes, and it won't come as a shock, so don't worry about his heart that much..

      Best Answer, no?

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      Read your profile. I will give it to you so you stick around. Lol.