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Very confused about this guy, is he just being nice?

This guy is overconfident, a bit narcissistic, very sure of himself, but at the same time quite sweet to me. He teases me A LOT. Picks up on certain... Show More

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  • Well teasing is a common form of flirting, so there's that. Just continue to see how he acts with you, you can find out more by just talking with the guy.

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  • Sounds like game. The staring could be because you are attractive. I find myself just looking at girls (I'm close to, not strangers) when sitting by them, it's admiration. Like, "wow... She is. Just beautiful..." So he's probably sincere on the account. But you should ask about the other girl, the fact that your not sure could lead to a lot of issues in the future especially if he starts flirting with you physically.

    Hope this helps!

  • You obviously like him too so flirt back and see what happens

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