Is ignoring all communication from an ex, good? Like not answering texts or calls?

So my question is, if ignoring all communication from an ex okay. I mean I really like the guy, and I think I may even love him. We are still friends, but I was wondering if I don't text him, and call, if it would make him want me back.

he broke up with me because he is obviously afraid of relationships, and such... but I am willing to do anything to get him back... even if it breaks my heart that I don't respond to texts and calls for a while...

please help me... I miss him...

let me make this clear! is was never abusive, if anything he was the most wonderful man I ever dating. we had soo much in common, and we always acted silly together. you know when you feel like this guy is one in a million. well this one way. he proved to
me that good guys do exist. he even came to visit me for an hour before he got on his plane to visit family! and no he didn't find anyone. I am not saying stop all communication! just for a few days! and for the guy that said he wasn't my friend. HE IS!


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    Don't stop responding to calls or texts, that might just upset him more because if the relationship was like this, it's probably tearing him up just to make the decision to split. Tell him you miss him, and that you love him, that you aren't sure how to live without him.

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      Come on now. Are you serious by telling someone who broke up with you that you miss him aren't sure how to live without him??? That's just crazY! The guy has to work hard to get her. I disagree with your advice. She does not have to ignore his calls but she does not have to say those too. He has to prove to her if he really wants her back and care for her.

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      It might not be what I would do, but I'm giving her advice to keep the options open (Much like you did). If she waits around for him to prove he's interested, it might be too late. Better to have tried and failed then to have never tried at all, hm? She probably doesn't have to go to the extreme of saying you aren't sure how to live without them, though. That's very true. Oh, and she said herself that she DID, in fact, miss him. That's just how she feels. It's her choice.

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      Nikie, I agree with you. Thanks