GUY! Is this weird? Should I be skeptical about this?

After my boyfriend and I (we've been together for 3 years and we're practically living together) got into a heated discussion of his trust issues towards me and my lack of effort in terms of us going out (this happened 2 nights ago), last night the tension was there, but never bought up. We were... Show More

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  • So his trust issues are not about you, but about something that happened to him. In my experience, trust issues are caused by being hurt, or by being the one who cheated. The question is if you are willing to put up with it and help him. I had a lot of trust issues with my current girlfriend based upon the past, but she was very good, didn't let it affect her behavior and we've been together a long time now.

    • Yea that's pretty much what it is. I've been very patient with him because I know I'm not doing anything wrong