Having a hard time getting over my ex been a year!

So I dated this girl for about a year, and we had a great time, got along, all that.She had a rough past and didn't want to be in a relationship so we were just together but pretty much in a rel. I didn't like it but it was kind of the same thing. After about a year though I was kind of tired of that so we broke it off. Ive seen her here and there, and saw her last night as well. I always get sad when I see her but I'm not sure if I miss her, as much as I miss the relationship.I also get so angry that she never gave me a real chance, and that makes me really get down. How do I get past this!? I go nuts thinking about it at times, and think of her every day it seems..Help :(


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  • You just need to move on. Stop thinking about her

    • Its not easy! Itd be easy if we broke up cause of something that happened between, us but for something I had nothing to do with her past you know? Just bothers me that's all

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  • Yes you have to try and get over her. I know it's hard but yea... On the first day of the break up, girls usually cry and guys usually just celebrate but as time goes by the girl celebrates and the guy regrets it. On and off relationships are not good, just forget about her and move on. Believe me... I'm in the same situation :(( It's hard...

    • You're so right. That is totally what happens. It just sucks that's all. But it's funny because I think I just miss having someone by my side, and not necc I miss the girl, if that makes any sense? I mean we def. had fun, but I guess it wasn't meant to be

  • if she isn't interested you can make her change her mind, just try to move on..

    • Yup that's basically what it is!

  • Is she with anyone right now? If not, why not call her, take her somewhere nice couple of times and see if you two could try again?

    • Yea I might, I guess it was just bad timing timing really is everything

    • So what? You can still give it a try

    • well I'm friends with one of her friends and asked if she was dating or seeing someone and the friend told me that she liked a guy so that kind of made me upset

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  • If you have done everything you can and she still doesn’t appreciate it then there is no reason for you to keep thinking about her.The reason you are mad at her is because you value her more then you value yourself right now. Kick her off the pedestal and realize she isn’t all that great (even if she was) there is probably someone out there for you that is a better match.I’m going through the same thing, I know how painful it is too feel like you can’t do anything about it, but if she doesn’t serve your life and your thoughts any good then there is no point to raise her up in your mind.If you haven’t done everything you could do then by all means try it, but if you feel she won’t respond to it then just find someone who will appreciate your efforts instead.

    • Wow that's deep man I wish you the best with it. guess keeping busy is good all that stuff, You're gonna be OK too my dude

    • I know I was good for her, and if she doesn’tRealize it then it’s not my fault because I tried my best at the time, until she told me that I was messing with her head, that’s when I decided to leave her alone and that was 2 months ago.I guess what’s helping me through is the fact that I did what was right, I wanted to repair the relationship and reconcile while she wanted to burn all bridges, at least it leaves me with the satisfaction that I actually did try something.

    • Exactly don't be or act desperate, the mistake I did when it ended for me was that I begged and pleaded for her to come back partly because It was a bit my fault that I took her for granted, I never thought she would ever leave me. This was about 4 months ago and it’s still hard.Now I'm just trying to pick up the pieces, socializing, meeting new people and pretty much put all my focus on myself and the future, whatever happens happens, if this is what she wants then let her have it,

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