Having a hard time getting over my ex been a year!

So I dated this girl for about a year, and we had a great time, got along, all that.

She had a rough past and didn't want to be in a relationship so we were just together but pretty much in a rel. I didn't like it but it was kind of the same thing. After about a year though I was kind of tired of that so we broke it off.

Ive seen her here and there, and saw her last night as well. I always get sad when I see her but I'm not sure if I miss her, as much as I miss the relationship.

I also get so angry that she never gave me a real chance, and that makes me really get down. How do I get past this!? I go nuts thinking about it at times, and think of her every day it seems..

Help :(


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  • You just need to move on. Stop thinking about her

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      Its not easy! Itd be easy if we broke up cause of something that happened between, us but for something I had nothing to do with her past you know? Just bothers me that's all