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Can seeing your ex often bring back the relationship?

My ex and I dated for two years. Broke up because he wanted to see how single life is since we both are still in high school. I feel like I'm doing... Show More

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  • If you keep on meeting your ex, it will just let him go astray and find other women.

    As for now, it's best if you keep avoiding him, avoid contact and communication, and I'm sure he'll miss you so much, and will bring him back.

    • That's hard to do when like I said: I see him in my homeroom. I try to avoid him in other areas so I guess that's okay

  • It's not a matter of hiding emotions... it's a matter of if you are getting space then do that. Don't text him ... don't text him back if he text you. You are trying to make him miss you to see if he will come back full force. You are not missing each other if you are in contact. Cut the chord and see if this thing will fly or not. Sometimes this is an excuse to hit some strange ass BTW.

    This is one of the most easy questions in a while. If you are letting go then watch your fingers release. If you get back together then cool. If not... it's life. Stop talking or you may as well move in and get married.

    Good luck


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