Panama City Florida For Spring Break, or other places?? Have you been, what have you heard?

Me and some friends are considering going to Panama City, for spring break what hotels do you recommend I heard the Holiday Inn and the Panama Shores are the main places to be(We want to be in the thick of things we are party animals)? However I'm just wondering, when is it mostly packed with spring breakers we are planning on leaving Feb 25th is that to late? Is it worth the trip I heard a lot of good hype! Were to party also their. Also what other places would you recommend for spring break ?

  • Panama City Beach Florida
    50% (2)20% (1)33% (3)Vote
  • South Beach Miami
    25% (1)60% (3)44% (4)Vote
  • Cancun, Mexico
    25% (1)0% (0)11% (1)Vote
  • Los Cabos, Mexico
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  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
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  • main either of those would be really nice, I would die for a vacation!


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  • PCB is gorgeous! Beautiful beaches and a lot going on, especially during spring break. However, Florida colleges don't let out until the second or third week in March, so I think you are going a little too early if you want to see the crowd. And because PCB is North Florida, it actually may be a little chilly around that time of year. I'd wait till March.

  • Cancun, Mexico


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  • link

    that sounds early for spring break for most people