Why is my ex contacting me after so long?

My ex broke up with me about 4 months ago and literally vanished. I never heard from him at all. The breakup was very sudden. We didn't really have any issues in our relationship. Well after our breakup I never heard from him again until now. He text me saying he was moving out of state later this year. I just think it is so weird that he felt the need to let me know that he was leaving when I Haven't heard from him in nearly 4 months. My question is, why do you think he is contacting me now when there really is no chance for anything with us?


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  • He may just be trying to patch things up, start anew as friends before he leaves.

    4 months isn't really that long though.

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      Yeah it seems as though he is trying to start fresh. He has already texted me 2 days in a row which is a lot considering I had not heard from him since October.But I don't understand why though. Its pointless to want a friendship or anything of that matter if he is leaving.