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Why is my ex contacting me after so long?

My ex broke up with me about 4 months ago and literally vanished. I never heard from him at all. The breakup was very sudden. We didn't really have... Show More

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  • He may just be trying to patch things up, start anew as friends before he leaves.4 months isn't really that long though.

    • Yeah it seems as though he is trying to start fresh. He has already texted me 2 days in a row which is a lot considering I had not heard from him since October.But I don't understand why though. Its pointless to want a friendship or anything of that matter if he is leaving.

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  • That doesn't necessarily means he wants you back. Since he is moving out maybe he wanted to make everything clear with you, maybe apologize or say goodbye to you so when he will move out he will know that he did the right thing and he can start his new life without any carriages on his back.

    • Yeah I thought about that too. It kind of sucks though, I would have rather him just stay vanished rather than come back and ask for a friendship or whatever and then end up leaving again. That is going to suck. I think my best bet would be to just stay away and avoid any sadness when he leaves.

    • You knwo what, my an my ex broke up 1,5 almost 2 months ago, and I herd he is moving out of the country as well, and I would like him to contact me somehow and maybe apologize what he did to me and say goodbye. Just as friends. And also I would tell him that I forgive him such so he can know, because I truly believe that you can't move on without forgiving. It is nice of him he wants to straighten things out with you, and start as new without any guilt whenhe moves away

  • He wanted to stay friends with you.

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