What should I do with my relationship?

Ok basically I have a question regarding relationships. I was dating a girl and the romance was whirlwind, we dated for 12 months and got engaged. I met her and she was so special to me, it was like we both invested completely and things were really sincere on both sides. We spent as much time as... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Even if she made a mistake and is willing to change, you need time to be able to trust each other completely again. I do not agree with her being mad at you for violating her privacy because what she did was much worse. Sometimes women do these things for stupid reasons (sometimes even insecurity) and then they realize their mistakes and learn from them. I think time is key in this situation, and also patience. I think if you love her so much and she loves you just as much you can get past this, but it will be very hard. If you realize you still can't trust her, don't stay with her just because you love her because you'll be unhappy in the relationship and will only be hurting yourself. Good luck. I wish you the best.