Ex-girlfriend is ignoring me?

My ex-girlfriend broke up with me last Fall, after a one year relationship. The break up was all her idea -- I didn't want to break up and made that clear to her. Last January, we started talking again and seemed to be headed towards getting back together again. Then she met a guy in a bar, fell... Show More

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  • My ex used to do the same thing to me. Since you stayed away for a while, she missed seeing you. If she was really completely over you she wouldn't have to say it out loud she would just be over you and act like you were a friend. After not seeing my ex for a month I finally saw her while I was talking to one of her friends, she of course ignored me and avoided eye contact just like in your case. So I just smiled the whole time and tried to be as involved in the convo as I could, while ignoring the fact that she was ignoring me. Whenever we passed each other after than I would just smile and wave and surprisingly she started to do it back. Eventually she started being able to have small conversations with me. Now we can have okay conversations with friends around and she approaches me sometimes for a convo without me even seeing her. Though there is still awkwardness on her part which just tells me that she still has lingering feelings even though she still has the boyfriend she dumped me for. As for me, I am not 100% over her, but I am above 90%, it's hard to get over someone 100% when you see them more than once a week.

    What I would recommend you do is to just go on with your business and just let her figure out why she is doing what she's doing. You sending emails will just make her keep playing these little ex games, because your giving her the attention she is trying to get. If you see her just smile and wave and say Hey, but nothing more unless she initiates first.

    • Wow I really like this answer, helped me on my situation too, thanks :)

    • Thanks for the answers, everyone. What makes it so confusing to me is that, two months ago, right after she told me about her new 'relationship', she was very friendly, insisted that she wanted to 'stay friends' and that she had no problem with me going to the shop as often as I wanted. Now (frankly) she's acting like a b*tch. I could understand if she had just acted that way consistently from the beginning of the break up. Why the change?

    • She changed because she most likely still has feelings for you. And since she knows she still has feelings for you, she is trying to sort of prove to herself that she can lose those feelings for you in a weird twisted way. She is trying to make you look like the bad guy who is deliberately going to her shop as a way to keep her thinking about you. This is just a head game she is playing with herself so if you just ignore it she will eventually get over herself and grow up.