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Do I kiss her if she has a boyfriend?

This girl I like is with this guy. He's not a very good guy from what I've heard but she's still with him. No one knows why. They haven't even hung... Show More

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  • Cheating is never right. If she doesn't want to be with the that guy anymore, she needs to cut it off completely. There's a reason she's not doing that, there IS a reason. I say don't kiss her, simply because she does have a boyfriend. If you want her, tell her that you do and that she needs to break it off with her boyfriend if she wants you too.

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  • Just kiss her, it's not as if you're sleeping with her.

  • u ll be hurt. if you do.

  • Go for it. I had similar situation with this girl & her "boyfriend" that treated her wrong & was messing her whole life up cause of the things he does. She ended up staying at my house one night & I just went for it & we ended up spending the whole night together & everything went extremely great! Although he did find out about it he started threatening me & other stupid stuff like that so make sure you can handle a bad situation if things turn and try to bite you in your ass.

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