Do I kiss her if she has a boyfriend?

This girl I like is with this guy. He's not a very good guy from what I've heard but she's still with him. No one knows why. They haven't even hung out for weeks. He even went as far as cheating on her. I asked her why she with him and she always says she doesn't know and that she's only barely with him. Me and the girl have talked every night for almost 6 weeks, hung out a lot, and I'm sure I like her. All of her friends tell me I should kiss her and I want to, but I don't want to be the "other guy". Aka the guy she cheats on him with. He did cheat on her so does it make it right for her to do the same? I care about her a lot and I want to kiss her but should I?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Cheating is never right. If she doesn't want to be with the that guy anymore, she needs to cut it off completely. There's a reason she's not doing that, there IS a reason.

    I say don't kiss her, simply because she does have a boyfriend. If you want her, tell her that you do and that she needs to break it off with her boyfriend if she wants you too.