My boyfriend wants me to move in with him what should I do?

I only been with this guy for a few months and he's much older than I am should I move in with him? has anyone had an experience with moving in with a guy who is in his late 20's? I just turned 18. my parents think it is a bad idea she think I will quit my journey to a better a life and the guy will try to control me and use me for money because I Haven't quite got the glimpse of life yet. they think I need more guidance because they want me to stand up for myself and not be taken advantage of. what to do? my mom said he will treat me good but he will not develop feelings for me he will just use me for money and sex because of my age and knowingly I'm easy and don't know any better what to do?


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  • I'm in my late 20's and I wouldn't date an 18,19,20, or 21 year old. There is such a huge maturity gap between early 20's and late 20, let alone teens. In my experience the only older guys who date 18 year olds are creeps. Sorry. The guy is so much more emotionally advanced than you are, he'll manipulate the hell out of you and have you completely hung up on him. I don't mean any disrepect to you or to him, but 18 year olds are like kids. Even if they are gorgeous, which you probably are. I mean, my youngest brother is a music producer he's 20. All of his hanging with him last summer there were a lot of 18-21 y.o. girls always kinda "around". Lot of partying like groupie like behavior. I was tempted a few times to take what was pretty much being served up on a silver platter. But when I talked to these girls it was so apparent how young and naive they were. I couldn't touch them. It would have been wrong. This guy shouldn't be dating you, and you certainly shouldn't move in.

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      Good advice, totally agree with all points

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      this is a great answer...but from what I hear he's going to propose to his girlfriend because he know he messed up but they were engaged before...he refer to me as a fling and breakup with me before the summer get here...idk why guys do that

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      Wow. Yeah, this guy is a creep. Guys don't do that, one guy did that and he's an a$$hole.