My boyfriend wants me to move in with him what should I do?

I only been with this guy for a few months and he's much older than I am should I move in with him? has anyone had an experience with moving in with a guy who is in his late 20's? I just turned 18. my parents think it is a bad idea she think I will quit my journey to a better a life and the guy will try to control me and use me for money because I Haven't quite got the glimpse of life yet. they think I need more guidance because they want me to stand up for myself and not be taken advantage of. what to do? my mom said he will treat me good but he will not develop feelings for me he will just use me for money and sex because of my age and knowingly I'm easy and don't know any better what to do?


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  • I'm in my late 20's and I wouldn't date an 18,19,20, or 21 year old. There is such a huge maturity gap between early 20's and late 20, let alone teens. In my experience the only older guys who date 18 year olds are creeps. Sorry. The guy is so much more emotionally advanced than you are, he'll manipulate the hell out of you and have you completely hung up on him. I don't mean any disrepect to you or to him, but 18 year olds are like kids. Even if they are gorgeous, which you probably are. I mean, my youngest brother is a music producer he's 20. All of his hanging with him last summer there were a lot of 18-21 y.o. girls always kinda "around". Lot of partying like groupie like behavior. I was tempted a few times to take what was pretty much being served up on a silver platter. But when I talked to these girls it was so apparent how young and naive they were. I couldn't touch them. It would have been wrong. This guy shouldn't be dating you, and you certainly shouldn't move in.

    • Good advice, totally agree with all points

    • this is a great answer...but from what I hear he's going to propose to his girlfriend because he know he messed up but they were engaged before...he refer to me as a fling and breakup with me before the summer get here...idk why guys do that

    • Wow. Yeah, this guy is a creep. Guys don't do that, one guy did that and he's an a$$hole.

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  • doesn't sound like you are ready to move in with him.

    based on the objective facts...age, length of dating I'd say 100% no

    I think you should just explain to him that it is way too soon. after a few months you shouldn't move in with a guy particular one who is approx 10years older than you. I don't know that he will take advantage you or use you for sex and money but I think that it is a recipe for emotional disaster.

    I was with my current girlfriend a full year before we moved in together and we were both in our late20s/early 30s... be patient and if he won't be patient and understanding that you aren't ready then he isn't worth your time

  • It sounds like a bad idea.

  • I wouldn't agree with all that, but I would say that it is far to early to move in together, because you really do not know his habbits yet, especially the bad ones, and his moods, as well as the bad ones, so wait until you have experienced all this and stayed over now and then for about a year, then get him to ask again, because if he is still around in a year, then he's pretty serious about you,x

  • KingsOfleon88 is right. You're too young and you haven't known this guy long enough. It will almost certainly end badly for you; don't do it.

  • Terrible idea! Don't do it! You parents are totally right on this one.

    You're too young and your 27 year old boyfriend is obviously not a great boyfriend (person) if he's willing to make you move out of your parents home when you're still a teenager.

    The fact that he's in his late 20s and dating a 17 year old is a very creep sign. The fact that the minute you turned 18, he immediately wants you to move in with him is also another terrible sign that this guy is not someone you should move in with, let alone live with.

    If your creepy boyfriend (borderline statutory rapist) truly cared about your well being, he'd want to make sure that you live a life where you get a stable education and you have parental guidance as long as you need. That would be at least until you turn 21, when you finally know yourself enough as a woman.


    Moving in with him will be very bad for you. It's even worse if he's the jealous type. Whatever you do, DO NOT MOVE IN WITH HIM.

  • From the posting it doesn't appear that you are ready for a move in.

  • Don't do it, finish your education off, by all means still see him but don't throw away your life, just think what if it doesn't go well? I know it's unthinkable at the moment but what if?

  • Do not move in with the dude. First of all, you're only 18 which is very young to be doing this. Second of all, you have only known him for a few months. I get that you like him and he likes you, but you should not be rushing something like this. Get yourself financially stable, wait a couple of years, and see how things go. Things that are rushed usually don't turn out well. If your mom is telling you he will use you for money and sex, she knows he's not a good guy.

  • Why all the anonymity bro?

    Also, if he wants you to move in, he wants you to move in because he wants to be able to know where you are all the time (seems a bit controlling, doesn't it?). Also, he probably wants you to move in because he probably wants to be able to have sex whenever, without having to drive anywhere etc..

    You have two options.

    1. Do a test run. if you like it, move in permanently but COULD always break up

    2. Suggest that he move in with you. If he seems hesitant or something of the sort, he may be up to which then you would need to have a serious talk with him

    The choice is yours, I'm just giving them to you

  • Firstly , he is too old

    Also , just say you're not ready to move in , but you could continue the relationship


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  • I think you really need to think about this. I know when I was 18 that I was still learning about life. I know you might think you are an adult now, but there's a lot of things that you should let yourself experience on your own before moving in with a guy.

    I've seen friends move in with guys and have it end badly. Maybe you two will work, but what will happen if you don't? Do you have a plan in place if you have to leave abruptly? What happens if you have a disagreement or a fight and you two break up? How will you divide chores? How are you going to pay bills? Where are you going to live?

    There are so many things to consider when you live on your own, let alone share your life with another person. It's pretty risky, even if the relationship is good.

    Have you ever lived alone? Living alone is a big adjustment. I moved out of my parents house when I went to college, and it was pretty scary but exciting at the same time. All of a sudden you have all sorts of responsibilities, and your parents aren't there to make decisions for you, or to pay for things.

    Plus, it sounds like you two don't know each other very well. I think asking this question is a sign that you shouldn't move in with him.

    Go live your life. Get an education, travel, make friends, go to parties and be young! I know it seems exciting to be a wifey to some guy and have your own place so young. But it's not all it's cracked up to be.

    Go out and get some life experiences, have some fun, and build a foundation for a good life down the road. If you move in now there are going to be things you will miss out on. And then when you finally get the chance it will be too late.

  • I agree with your parents. The fact that you are questioning your decisions means that you are not ready for it.. and it's okay, you're still very young. I am just 23 , but I am aware that I was pretty lame when I was 18 :D , I'm not saying you're lame sweety, I just mean that it's okay to not do what you think is right, because later you will be thankful. I think you should remain with your parents and invest in yourself, build your character and give yourself more time to know who you are, what you need and who do you deserve to be with! I wouldn't move in with this guy if I were you :) but good luck anyway!

  • listen to your mom..moms have a keen sense..wait for a while..get to know him more

  • Bad idea, don't move in. I'm probably the last person who should be saying this, but a guy in his late 20s moving in with an 18 year won't be good, because it will limit your recently gained freedom

    • Yeah she should only move in with her husband and after marriage, society should also give approval to a relationship

    • No, don't twist my answers Shivam1982... Don't listen to him, I'm saying that you should try to experience the freedom of living alone and what not.