Why won't he leave me alone if he doesn't want me?

I was talking to this guy for a little bit. We went out a couple of times but not really dating because his friends were always there. I noticed he would try to make me jealous by mentioning other girls or talking about girls being hot so I had a feeling this wasn't going to go anywhere. Well... Show More

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  • OOOOOOOO NOOOOOO! Honey, do not let this happen to you once again! Please! This has happened to a frend of mine and the reason y this happen was jst to prove his frends that he can get some ones hopes up then drop them in the other second! I hate guys like these bkuz they tend to ruin good guys like us. I would ignore him completly and if he asks you y you are so distance, then tell him the reason. But let this dum ass know that you as a woman are to be valued and not used, let him know the difference between a princess and a easy girl, and in this case, ur the princess...give yourself value hun kuz if it wasnt for girls, us men wuldnt be alive! :) good luck.

    • Thanks! I hate guys like that too..I thought he was a good guy because he didn't seem like the typical obvious jerk but this one is a jerk in nice guy's clothing lol. I'm just gonna ignore him