I don't feel good enough for my boyfriend.

The fact that he's absolutely gorgeous contributes to it but he's just so popular, caring, good with kids, motivated, ambitious and just perfect in every way. He also has an amazing body because he's a kick boxing instructor and he goes to the gym, which makes me feel insecure about my body. He... Show More

Another thing which doesn't help is the fact that he found me attractive but didn't initially like me as anything more. He said when we hung out, he didn't see me as anything more than a student/friend but I wanted something more at that time. It took a good couple months before he started seeing me as more than a friend. :/

Also, he told me that girls always chase him and that he's only ever chased one girl. I chased him, he didn't chase me so it makes me feel like I love him more than he loves me even though he'd probably dispute that.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Babe, he's in love with you for a reason. Take a look in the mirror BUT instead of putting yourself down, I want you to stand there and say everything you LIKE about yourself and cool things you've done. NO NEGATIVITY.

    I've been through this, too. I've been sexually assaulted and have been in three mentally abusive relationships in my short 21 years of life.

    My current boyfriend is completely amazing and I have no idea how I found someone so perfect. But I did and he loves me. I had to get over my own feelings that I wasn't good enough, which I did, by taking in the reasons why he says he loves me and loves about me and expanding upon that to reasons why I love myself.

    I would write lists, talk to myself while looking in the mirror and DO things for myself that felt good (like manicures and self facials! <-- go to Lush and get a mask. It's like gold. I feel so refreshed afterwards). I also have an injured knee, so take up sports like swimming which is low impact or cycling on a stationary bike (if you want workouts, just message me).

    Just remember he's with you and he loves you for who you are. Screw your ex-boyfriend. And don't even think about him ever again. He was a f***ing douche bag who needs a good ass kicking. No one ever deserves to be treated like sh*t and like they are not good enough. He was obviously not the right person for you and this current boyfriend who treats you like a queen is.

    Just got to learn how to love yourself! :)