Do guys like girls who are smarter than them?

Honestly I think guys like a girl who isn't a dumb ass and can carry a convo but isn't smarter than him or if she is not by so much that he feels... Show More

Also they want someone who isn't too rigid and uptight and if a girl is a little spazzy and silly but has it together they don't mind.
well. there is this guy. we both have law degrees-i am working on mine he finished his. but he is educated by extremely prestigious institutions and my school is good but not on the same prestige level as his. I am obviously not a moron but I am definitely not as smart as he is. obviously people at his school are smarter than people at mine. so I wonder if he would think I am too dumb, or if he would think I am in his league because I have the same degree as him, just from a less prestigious school.

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  • I think people in general are attracted to those of their own intelligence level.

    As an intelligent man, I would date intelligent women only.

    I don't feel insecure in the (rare!) case that I meet someone who's more intelligent. But in a relationship it's important to connect emotionally and intellectually; so, as long as I and a more intelligent girl could feel connected, it wouldn't bother me. A significantly less intelligent girl would bother me though, because I do like to have intellectual conversations. If I had to dumb down my speech a little (as I have to do with most people), that would be a deal-breaker.