Do guys like girls who are smarter than them?

Honestly I think guys like a girl who isn't a dumb ass and can carry a convo but isn't smarter than him or if she is not by so much that he feels stupid or inferior next to her. I am well educated but not super smart and I can be a little ditzy but overall I am above average intelligence. I prefer a man who is smarter than myself.

If a girl is overall book smart and has it together but is slightly ditzy at times (but altogether makes smart choices, is a laid back person, and doesn't do stupid things...just not super serious and can be a little Spazzy once in a while) would a guy mind?

From my experience guys don't want a girl who is a ton smarter and will be arrogant and controlling over him.

Also they want someone who isn't too rigid and uptight and if a girl is a little spazzy and silly but has it together they don't mind.
well. there is this guy. we both have law degrees-i am working on mine he finished his. but he is educated by extremely prestigious institutions and my school is good but not on the same prestige level as his. I am obviously not a moron but I am definitely not as smart as he is. obviously people at his school are smarter than people at mine. so I wonder if he would think I am too dumb, or if he would think I am in his league because I have the same degree as him, just from a less prestigious school.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think people in general are attracted to those of their own intelligence level.

    As an intelligent man, I would date intelligent women only.

    I don't feel insecure in the (rare!) case that I meet someone who's more intelligent. But in a relationship it's important to connect emotionally and intellectually; so, as long as I and a more intelligent girl could feel connected, it wouldn't bother me. A significantly less intelligent girl would bother me though, because I do like to have intellectual conversations. If I had to dumb down my speech a little (as I have to do with most people), that would be a deal-breaker.