Boyfriend moving away to college soon

we have been together for a total of over two years. we love each other dearly, but he is moving away to college in a few months. I am afraid that he is just going to drift away and find some girl and get caught up with the partying college life. I think that it recently hit him that he is leaving soon and has become so much more sweet and caring. we are both eighteen years old.


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  • well, you do know that college has breaks right, spring, summer, winter, holiday. Besides, most college girls are whores any ways , your boyfriend most likely doesn't want a whore that's why he's with you , real college students don't even party all that much , full time school and all that homework is what the real dedicated ones are focused on , the party animals usually drop out or get bad grades and are kicked out, just saying. Don't be so worried, when he's not back home hell be at school doing hw and going to class. try talking him into finding a part time job while he's away at college, thatlly definently occupy a good amount of his time instead of partying>>>(girl code trick)


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  • You should talk this out with him. Also, if both of you decide to maintain your relationship, you should maintain constant communication.


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  • it's definitely possible and most likely. hs relationships aren't that real. you're going to find osmeone great too