How do you know if your boyfriend is sorry for cheating?

What is usually the normal apology for cheating? I just found out my boyfriend of a long time cheated on me and all he said was "I'm sorry" and that was it. So what would have been a better response?


Most Helpful Girl

  • There is no good response. I would have said see ya. Once a cheater always a cheater. It takes a bigger person to respect them self and walk away from it. He will do it again as long as you let him. Guy's like him kill me. Sorry but I cheated. Is everything OK now? He needs to go. I know its hard and you hurt. You can pick yourself up and start over and meet a nice faithful guy. It just takes time and you can do it! You could always cheat on him and tell him Sorry. No, don't do that. That will make you look bad. And, you are not a bad person, you just had a bad person in your life.