My ex cheated on me and disrespected me but now he wants me back

I was with my boyfriend for almost a year and he took some time out from me then the other girl called me to tell me he was sleeping with her all because I told him no commitent = no sex. Then when I asked him about it he said I love you and want to be you. But when I get him to tell me the truth he disrespected me and said when you want to be wtih me again then I'll stop what you say I'm doing. So I left him and now I want to know when I'll be ready to be in a healthy relationship and it leads to marriage and kids.


Most Helpful Girl

  • The perfect man is a lot like the perfect pair of pants. You never, EVER find them when you're actively looking for them. In the meantime, date, have fun, live the kind of life where you have no regrets. Most importantly, love yourself, with all your virtues and flaws. By this point, you'll know how you deserve to be treated (as in, well!) and you'll choose better guys. And yes, you'll probably make a couple of wrong choices first, and get your heart broken.

    Make yourself into a person that you LOVE being with, and then someone else will find you and love being with you too.