My ex cheated on me and disrespected me but now he wants me back

I was with my boyfriend for almost a year and he took some time out from me then the other girl called me to tell me he was sleeping with her all because I told him no commitent = no sex. Then when I asked him about it he said I love you and want to be you. But when I get him to tell me the truth he disrespected me and said when you want to be wtih me again then I'll stop what you say I'm doing. So I left him and now I want to know when I'll be ready to be in a healthy relationship and it leads to marriage and kids.


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  • The perfect man is a lot like the perfect pair of pants. You never, EVER find them when you're actively looking for them. In the meantime, date, have fun, live the kind of life where you have no regrets. Most importantly, love yourself, with all your virtues and flaws. By this point, you'll know how you deserve to be treated (as in, well!) and you'll choose better guys. And yes, you'll probably make a couple of wrong choices first, and get your heart broken.

    Make yourself into a person that you LOVE being with, and then someone else will find you and love being with you too.


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  • If someone treated you badly, don't take them back. They will simply continue in the same behavior.

    I am not sure no commitment= no sex is a wise position to find a healthy relationship but that is up to you. He wasn't ok with the terms and hence shouldn't be with you.

  • He doesn't sound a very trustworthy guy to me.

  • If the guys a jerk then ditch him and find someone who isn't. Don't get stuck in an abusive relationship or a series of them.

    And I don't think it's really about being ready. People are ready from the start. It's all about finding someone you can tolerate and get along with for a LOOOOONG time.

    Once you do you'll realize you were always ready.

    But yea, do yourself a favor and don't date dick-heads for too long.There's plenty of nice guys out there throughly depressed because the asshole jerk gets the girl all the time.

  • screw him.


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  • If he loved you he wouldn't have cheated on you. You deserve better than someone who isn't going to be faithful. He wouldn't have broken up with you just for saying "no sex" if he cared about you as much as he said he does.

  • I have been cheated on and have cheated as well and its never easy. I'm trying to fix a relationship that I messed up. People make mistakes but if he says that he will stop doing what you say he is doing if you be with him no I don't think so that's not how it works obviously he doesn't love you if he said that its not easy to move on but it is possible. If he was truly sorry he would stop at nothing to prove to you he was done with is ways and try to win you back not tell you that. don't take him back unless he proves to you that his love his real and he is gonna stop his ways not only for you but for himself. I know they say once a cheater always a cheater but its really not always the case. don't let him twist his actions and put it on you. tell him that if you love me show me by stopping what you are doin then I will be with you and if you can't do that then we cannot be togher. But if you do decide to forgive him and be with him do not rub it in his face it will make for a very unhealthy relationship and both of you will be miserable I know I'm going throught that right now because I cheated and I am sorry but I stopped and I am stopping at nothing to win him back. Follow your heart it will not lead you to the wrong place its when you think to much that will. Good luck hope it all works out.

  • You shouldn't wait for anyone, obviously he wants to do his own thing so let him do it and you should not get back with him because he is a loser if he cheats once he's gonna do it again.

  • don't take him back. a guy who hurt you once. he'll do it twice. Obviously, all he cares about is sex, he left you and cheated on you for it, so if you don't give it to him now, he'll break your heart again. I don't think you want to be in relationship and have kids with someone who disrespected you.

  • If he says he loves you then why did he cheat, and if he truly did love you he would have given you time until you were ready for commitment and sex and such.

  • You are too young to be worried about being that serious with someone any way. He did not cheat if they were broken up at the time!!