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How come guys make stupid mistakes before thinking?

how come guys make decisions that they later gonna reget? my ex brokeup with me because he did not wanna hurt me. he did this for a girl with money.... Show More

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  • When you talk about THIS particular mistake, there are about 1000 females who make it for every guy who sells himself for money!

    Seriously, as a girl, you must know MANY examples of this among your friends! Why do you need to ask in the rare instance that it's a guy doing this?

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  • Hummmmm sorry its only guys that make dumb mistakes. I wish I was born female so I could be perfect!

  • really? we can't think straight when we are scared of making a mistake so we end up making a mistake especially if it involves someone we care so much about.

  • erm... since when are people perfect?

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