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Dating a new girl after a divorce

So I met this girl, she introduced herself to me, and we really hit it off well. Have so much in common and both love spending time together. I am... Show More

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  • after being married its OK to take a break from dating , and get back to dating in time , you will eventually meet some new people and return to the dating world but no rush you just got divorced 2 months ago but if you like the new girl its OK to start dating her if you think your ready for it

What Girls Said 1

  • I say take your time. Get to know this girl and take things slow. I know it might be frustrating because you really like her, but you have to respect her feelings. You just divorced 2 months ago, so definitely take some time for yourself.

    If you really like this girl, lay a decent foundation for this relationship.

What Guys Said 2

  • I went through this a few years ago. I actually started dating before my divorce was final. 2 months after is fine, usually the relationship is over long before the marriage. I don't tell people on the first couple of dates, but the one serious relationship I've had since then I told. She didn't take it well to begin with, but I gave her space and eventually she realized that it didn't define who I am.

    Realistically, this isn't something you can keep from someone you plan to get serious with. They will find out, and you want it to be from you. If they can't live with that fact, you're wasting time on a relationship that will go nowhere.

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