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What is the best way to make him regret the break up and want me back?

So my story is a bit.. well I don't know. We broke up 4 weeks ago and 3 weeks ago we met up to talk.the relationsship didn't feel right anymore for him, but he didn't know why. I think it was because some tension between us, and only afterward I was able to see my mistakes.. I was getting too greedy in the end and I'm really regretting that, but I only told him the part about that I think it was because of the tension. (I didn't realize back then)So I told him what I thought what went wrong, I told him about my little movie night on 20 sept. (my birthday) and if he would come I would know he would give us another chance. I told him I would leave him alone for now and also deleted him from Facebook for a bit. In the end I said that I really hope that he will come and tried to force a little smile(And I have to say after that conversation I felt good actually)(Later on we didn't talk for 2 1/2 weeks and I sended him a text of something I forgat to tell him. something like that If I could just get one more chance to make him happy again like I could before that that's all I want, and if that chance wouldn't work out I'm ready to give up. )So I probably won't contact him till then and by the way he cried really hard during the break up and looked very sad during our conversation. But I want to know..1. Is there any way to increase my chances so he'll come in 2 weeks?2. If he doesn't come, should I pretend to not care? So he thinks I'm moving on and he will miss what is gone in his life?I really want him to come to my birthday.. he would be the best present ever.. Please help me?

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  • How long did you date?

    • 6 months, It's not THAT long I know but we shared a lot of great memories.. :s

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