What is the best way to make him regret the break up and want me back?

So my story is a bit.. well I don't know. We broke up 4 weeks ago and 3 weeks ago we met up to talk. the relationsship didn't feel right anymore for him, but he didn't know why. I think it was because some tension between us, and only afterward I was able to see my mistakes.. I was getting too greedy in the end and I'm really regretting that, but I only told him the part about that I think it was because of the tension. (I didn't realize back then) So I told him what I thought what went wrong, I told him about my little movie night on 20 sept. (my birthday) and if he would come I would know he would give us another chance. I told him I would leave him alone for now and also deleted him from Facebook for a bit. In the end I said that I really hope that he will come and tried to force a little smile (And I have to say after that conversation I felt good actually) (Later on we didn't talk for 2 1/2 weeks and I sended him a text of something I forgat to tell him. something like... Show More