Why does my girlfriend think I'm cheating or doing things behind her back when I'm only with my friends?

Why do girls talk or argue about the same thing over and over again? Do you think that I was wrong by not telling her about my myspace account to my girlfriend?

She finally found out about it and got mad and on myspace I had my friends sisters plus my ex-girl and that's it. what do you think about that.

Supposedly she let it go but yet she still argues about it . The other day I called her another girls name by accident when I was only texting to my friend.

Does she have any right to be bitching?

I'm a 21 guy with a girl that's 28,even when we first met she had already lied to me about her age and about her self. What would you guys do when your shuts the door on your grandma and calls the cops on me for no reason even cops say I got a drama queen.


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  • Well yes she does actually. If your calling her another girls name. Not good. If you keep silly things from her like a myspace page. Not good. These are small things to you but to a girlfriend this shows trust issues. You need to tell her she is the only one and act like it. Do not call your girlfriend another name.

    I can guarantee, you will hear about that one for a long while. Even if it was a mistake. You had the other girl on your brain while talking to her. Now she feels insecure.

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      Well, you did not say that. If she did those things then she has issues not you. My answer would have to change. Find a sane girl dude. Keep calling her other girls' names. Maybe she will go away.