Have you been depressed and broke up with your girlfriend by ignoring her till the end?

Have you been really depressed(like losing job or any reasons) and broke up with your girlfriend by ignoring her?

Why did you do that?

Please tell me what you were thinking when you were ignoring her...

If you have done it did you regret about it?

Did you try to get back with her?


Most Helpful Guy

  • A girl once broke up with me for not contacting her or replying for about 10 days and I was suffering from depression at the time (still am but whatever lol). I also go through periods of not replying to friends texts/calls when I feel particularly low.

    I can't really explain why I did that as it wasn't really logical. All I can say is depression can be very difficult to deal with and its very possible that a guy in that situation isn't doing it in order to upset his girlfriend. Losing interest and motivation for things you usually find enjoyable is a common symptom of depression, I don't see any reason why social contact isn't included in that.

    I always feel like I regret it after going through a phase of ignoring people. I didn't attempt to get back with the girl in question, despite the opportunity to do so. I kind of regret that now, although that is more to do with the drastic downturn in my success with women, rather than any strong feelings for that girl.