Do you feel bad about cheating?

I cheat all the time on any girl who I date even if I really like them or have fallen in love with them. I don't feel bad about it at all and don't even think it's a big deal. I always assure them that I never would cheat though. Do some people feel bad about cheating or have their conscience tug at them when they think about it?


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  • I feel bad about about it but then I do it again. It's like buying the Carte' Dor and then wishing you'd bought the ben and jerrys instead. Temptation is overwhelming :(

  • it depends on who you are with. I think people meet for just friendship but then they claim as relationship because they are afraid of meeting people. So they comfort each others then they go out with others. then, they shouldn't feel bad about each others but if they are involved seriously then they will know it's bad until they meet each others face to face.

  • How can you not feel guilty? Why do you cheat on every girl your with? Have any of them ever found out?

    I cheated a couple times. And at the time I didn't feel bad. I just didn't think about it. But then it was done to me by my husband. And I started to feel guilty about what I did. I was hurt too. I will NEVER do it again

  • you cheet becouse your not happy with the person that your with...or mabey there's somethign missing in the relation ship...if you really find the right girl for you you won't cheat...

  • Wow.. you sound like the guy I'm trying to get over right now. He had a girlfriend for 4 years and went out with me for almost 1 and a half ... I had no idea. Don't you care how it would mess up the person if they found out? I'm going through HELL ..I really loved that boy.. Honestly. Best part? He got dumped by that girl after he dumped me. So.. don't forget about karma!

    He's going to miss out on a girl who could've given him so much.

    But seriously... don't guys like you give a 2nd thought to how the girls your with are feeling?

    Just tell me what guys like you think... Ya'll act as if ya'll could care less if we dropped dead and died in a moment as long as you had another girl around your arms, yet you chase after us anyway? In my opinion, guys like you are the most selfish kind that exist. You put your own needs and demands before anyone else's, even if all the while the other person is thinking about You.

  • if you cheat you don't really love her it works the same both ways if she cheated she does'nt really love you its kinda like if you really cared you wouldn't take the risk in the fact you might lose her or will lose her over this !Everyone has been in a situation where they've been tempted but it takes a real man to resist ,woman like feeling secure in the fact that you could never make love to another or be with another the same way ,It's the same for you. Men need to own there p***y if they don't they start getting insecure so stop being a loser and man up for your actions the biggest mistake people make when it comes to love is false hope even if I knew my guy could cheat or might id feel better in the fact that if I asked him he would tell me the truth ,not only are you a cheater wich can be forgivable you are a liar wich is disgusting there is no relationship without trust honesty and respect and you give her none of the three key components to a successful relationship you are going to lose her forsure and the way you treat her is beyond WRONG don't be supprised if she falls out of love with you quickly and looks at you with disgust, even if she does forgive you it will never be the same because she will never feel the same toards you

  • maybe you weren't born for monogamy, try dating someone who is into an open relationship so no ones feelings get hurt and there are ground rules- ie condoms and testing. personally you sound like someone I know, and unfortunately, he still swears he never cheated, but the proof is in the pictures. hell, go get some lucky chick who can dig this lifestyle, so you can spare someone a lot of pain and yourself a nasty name.

  • wow really? you don't feel bad? I don't understand. not saying you're a douchbag, but that is a douchbag move. How would you feel if they cheated on you? yes, most people would at least feel bad. I would be devistated if I knew someone cheated on me. I am a loyal person, so I don't understand your mentality at all. I don't think someone would cheat on someone they love or like. If your not married then just break up, it's that simple.

    I'm interested in one thing though. I read this article that girls/guys cheat if they didn't get the sexual attention they wanted when they were younger so they're making up for lost time. Is that why you're cheating?

    • tell her that. she is not handling it the right way. But I no wonder she feels the way she does, because you do cheat on her.

    • I actually think that I cheat because I am a relatively private person most of the time. I'm usual content just spending time with my girlfriend (now fiance) and doing what she wants to do. I do go out a few times a week but I'm not usually allowed to go to a bar/club without her (I sometimes do anyways). So my point is that it is hard to get a connection with other people because I don't spend a lot of time on other relationships so cheating is a great way to get extremely pleasurable attention

  • I think all guys are probably just like you HEARTLESS! You not only cheat you lie its disgusting...You promise a girl she's the only one and then cheat on her...And cut her low, try taking a walk on our side of the fence and you'll second guess what you are doing, it fukkin hurts asshole so wake up and smell the coffee! THIS MAKES ME SICK!

  • My only issue is why even waist your time dating if you know your not going to be faithful. MAN ARE YOU ONE COLD HEARTED ASS PERSON! But really like it makes no sense to be dating someone and end up going to another female. Worst part ALREADY KNOW YOUR GOING TO DO IT ALREADY KNOW YOU DON'T REALLY CARE. Why even put yourself in that position to heaR females sh*t when you do it. HONESTLY if I was a guy I,would tell the female straight up I'm not looking for a relationship just relations. If she had a problem with it oh well on to the next one right? If you really didn't care then why waist your time even dating. Tell the truth to females. That's what they want THE TRUTH. if they don't like it kiss your ass if they DOnt liKe it. What I'm saying is if your gonna cheat anyway stop putting yourself in that situatiON and Just stay single and blow females off the TRUE WAY and not the dumb way. PlAY IT SMART! PAY IT TRUE! F*** WHAT THEY SAY JUST BE YOU! (THATS IF YOUR AS COLD HEARTED AS YOU PERSUME TO BE)

  • well your not the first guy I've heard of like this.

    i have cheated one time in my whole life, and I felt so horrible. he doesn't know tho. we brokeup but I still feel very bad about it. but the only thing I did was peck a guy.but I think that you should think about what if a girl did that to you all the time, that would suck really bad!

  • I have been cheated on by 3 exs but not at the same time

    My first ex cheated on me with one of my best friends I found them together

    I knew something was up with them so I wated to cach them together

    and I did it was the worst feeling I had ever had at that time

    it hurt like hell and I still haven't forgoten about it that's how awful it was

    the second time I started dating a guy I met through friends

    He cheated on me then dumpt me and he tolled me he cheated on me with 3 people will drunk

    Out of his mind at a party we both were at and then the last one

    Who cheated on me I met him on a dating web sight

    and we started dating then he went mia for ahole month and then one day in that month

    I decided that I would check out his page on the sight and I found him on line

    Their so that was the end of that I don't wish it on any one except for the 3 of them and you

    I hope you get a tast of your own medicin and I hope the girls smarten up

    and dump your selfish jrk ass you are not smart at all and you are cruel and hartless

  • You need only feel as bad about it as she would if she found out. In your case, it's not about how bad your conscience punishes you, it's about the pain it would cause her. You say you've cheated on girls you were in love with - I don't think that would be true. Like I said, you may be perfectly able to sleep with 20 girls and love one, but you should know how much it'd hurt her, and how dishonest you're being. Remember it's called 'cheating' for a reason.

    Any time you're tempted, imagine what she'd do if she found out - what she'd look like, what she'd say, etc. If you really like or love her at all, you should respect her enough not to take the chance of that happening. Remember your relationship is worth more than a quick screw - if it isn't, you shouldn't be promising to be faithful to her. But somebody mentioned an open relationship; sounds like that'd be more suited to you.

    • There's a lot of consequence in it for both of you. I think there are a lot of reasons cheating is generally frowned upon, you know? Just think about it

    • won't. I know if you were my guy (and for all I know, you could be ha) it'd be crushing for me to find out. If I just happened to somehow suspect that you were cheating and then proved it, it'd destroy the sense of trust entirely. Not only with you, but it'd take such a long time for me to be able to trust men again, because you'd been telling me so assuredly that you WEREN'T cheating. And to be honest, I'd go round town telling every girl I could get hold of what a lying bastard you were.

    • and if your girlfriend found out, what would she say and look like then? Happy, probably! You couldn't possibly hurt her then. I guess you can't tell her and be proud of your achievement, but you could tell someone else, on here maybe.

      I really think you should change your ways. And I know that's not my decision to make, but I guess the only way I can really justify that suggestion to you is by reminding you what'd happen if she did find out, and that like I said, you can never be sure she

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  • umm... maybe you're a psychopath? Psychopath don't have feelings, just like you :)

    obviously you have a problem going on in your head, but seriously, I think its because you just never learned to feel bad. It has something to do with the way you've been raised, no joke.

    and I'm not insulting your parents at all! But maybe they were too indulgent with you.

    I suggest you to go to a psychologist and fix this. If you wanna fix it...

  • Would you like it if your girlfriend was cheating on you? Would that make you feel good?

  • Why don't you feel bad about cheating? And if you cheat, why do you even get in serious relatoinships, what's the point of a serious relationship, if you are not faithful?

    • I still like the emotional connection of a serious relationship just like anyone else. I feel love and I'm very caring. It is unfortunate that my current girlfriend does not like sex.

  • You obviously aren't going out with the right girls. I suggest you go for someone different who'll be able to keep you interested...

    Because in all honesty, that's messed up that you don't feel bad at all.

  • Instead of doing this in a deceitful way, you should opt for having an "open relationship." You commit emotionally to one person but both partners can have sex with whoever with their own ground rules.

  • Sex is an intimate experience - two people share their bodies with one another, completely opening themselves up to be judged and looked at. When someone is nude it's when they are most vulnerable, emotionally and physically.

    The fact that you treat something as serious as this with a laid-back attitude is a little sad. The fact that you don't even care about it is even more sad. You're taking away what could be a special moment for someone and tainting it by just considering it some silly activity.

    Despite this, it would still look much better on your part if you didn't lie about it. You can't have a real relationship with someone if you're holding that big of a secret. Being cheated on is a very, very, very, very big deal to nearly everyone. The fact that you can promise not to cheat while knowingly saying you're going to do it anyways is dreadful and heartless. You can not tell any of us that you have loved a person and been able to do that to them.

    I doubt my opinion matters because obviously your view of sex is very tainted, but I think you lack any sort of emotion at all if you can not feel sympathy for those that you have hurt.

    • Believe it or not I actually believe in a lot of what you said

    • Wow, you described sex really well! :) I think you're completely right. It's hard to explain the significance of something like sex, but you did it pretty well lol.

  • Wow kid, way to be an asshole.

    • He's not really asking for help, he's more so wondering if other people think that what he does is wrong.

    • Well, at least he's asking for help... we have to give that to him.

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    Dude. Seriously? How does it not affect your conscience at all? I would NEVER cheat on my girlfriend. That is so absolutely low! It's betraying their trust, they want you to be a strong, supportive figure in their life, but how can you be that when you're off getting tail behind their bac? I think you need to take a step back and really do something man.

    • If I could click the 'up' arrow on this answer about 9823749873234 more times, I would. It explains exactly what I was thinking!

    • I don't think it's just an activity. What happens if you make a MISTAKE an accident happens? The other girl gets pregnant or you contract a disease? Sorry, I"m in a bad mood right now, I might have an STD because my guy slept with a girl who slept with 100+ guys, he thinks he's clean but we'll see because I got tested and it looks like I do, and he's the only one I've been with... so his mistake will cause me pain. Maybe that will help you out, probably not. Sorry I'm venting here...bad moo

    • fair enough. I am set in my ways, but I understand where you're coming from. Have you ever been cheated on before? If so, that may have something to do with it.

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  • Don't mean to be a jerk, but lack of empathy, which is what you are showing, is a sign of clinical psychopathy :s Are you so nonchalant about other morally ambiguous things? You should think about how much it hurts these women and out of respect and general empathy not cheat on them or at the very least feel guilty about it.

  • Hahahahaha. I've read two retarded questions in a row. If you didn't expect to get a bunch of girls flaming you and guys talking about how they'd never cheat, you may actually be retarded. I've never cheated on a girl, and I wouldn't put up with a girl cheating on me. It's some serious BS. It actually makes me mad when people cheat, I can honestly say that I hate it. And if you don't think it's a big deal, try askin you're girl (assuming you even have one) how she feels about it.

  • That's totally f**k*d up! I have never cheated on any of my girlfriends and never will! They are people man. They have feelings. Are you completely without a heart? a robot? You need to change or you will die all alone! Harsh but, true! Hopefully those girls find out and dump your a**! It's guys like you that make us all look bad. That's why girls think that guys are cheaters because there are guys like you!

  • Imagine you gave a girl everything she has ever dreamed of and all she does is bitch and whine. They want you, they want a guy too good to be true, they don't know it now but maybe after you break their heart they will. Maybe you did them a favor? maybe they should thank you? yeah right as if! Remember like with everything if its too good too be true then it probably is girls! A lot of girls from my experience have unrealistic expectations, they want the world, you give them the world and in return get a mchappy meal, great, thanks for that. Some of them think because they love you so much and they have 'given so much' they deserve a repayment with loan shark interest. The only problem is what they 'gave' was a piece of chalk when you really wanted a piece of cheese ahh thanks again. Some girls expect to be constantly swept off their feet and not willing to take the time and make an effort in ensuring to make your dreams come true in return. If they love a guy so much then they should find out what makes him tick just like he did for them before they got into this preidicument. I reckon if girls took the time to work out why guys cheat instead of placing blame it would help to prevent a repeat of events. To be honest there could be thousand different reasons why a guy would cheat ranging from relationship issues from childhood, believe system, feeling neglected, misunderstood, low self esteem etc etc. Remember it could be any number of reasons like most things in life there's no definite answer. Remember it takes two to make a healthy relationship, and if a girl wants her cake and eat it she will have to add some ingredients otherwise they may be received from another source. This is just another angle to consider from my personal experiences, not all girls are saints and guys are the devil. Remember at the end of the day our end game is the same, happiness. This is just my take from my personal experiences, hope this helps someone out there.

    • Great answer!

  • You're a twat. 'nuff said

  • well the reality is about this question is that your not actually interested in anyones opinion, you just want to appear like a badass with a cold heart. Do people feel bad about cheating? What a stupid question honestly, your obviously just fishing for hate.

    • I'm not at all a cold person. I'm nice, I'm a pacifist and I wouldn't cheat if I knew I was going to get caught because that would hurt somebody who I care about. I'm just confused as to why I don't feel bad about cheating when everyone says its wrong. On the other hand I would think that buying something for the girl on the side would be wrong especially if its something that my girlfriend might enjoy. Also, I would never choose seeing another woman over my girl.

    • see that's exactly what he wants everyone to think , that he "doesnt care" because he's so cold!

      If he was ACTUALLY that cold he wouldn't be sitting here on a message board reflecting off other peoples opinions xD

    • dont bring his f***ing child hood in it mate what he is saying is true and you don't care about her because if you did you would tell her !

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  • Way to p*ss off every girl in the world man! I know why you went anonymous!

  • troll. to the max. you see how much heat you just got. your just looking for attention. you f***ing asshole. and I'm calling you out on it

    • +1 to this statement. Its pure trolling

    • obviously you are

    • Seems like trolling. It isn't.

  • Think of something that upsets you. When you cheat you break your word of commitment to her, which will upset her a lot. You say you've fallen in love with them but don't care if you hurt them deeply? Either you're stupid or lying.

  • use your left or right hand

  • Really it doesn't matter unless there's a ring on the finger go for it bra :)

    • exaactly... but I got minus 5 ='(

    • Bahahaha! You think like I do...that's awesome!

      It's not really cheating unless you're married, right? XD

  • Well you should start caring about the girl you are with. It really really really hurts to be cheated on if you unable to comprehend that. People do kill themselves over getting cheated on.

  • You don't have to do that, there are plenty of women out there that will hook up with men and just date them without exclusivity.

    • You're living up to your user name admirably.