Do you like the song: We No Speak Americano?

Do you like it? Give your reasons. Personally I think it is catchy and fun.


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    i like it!

  • Yep I love it and its really funny if you can speak spanish XD

  • Where can I check out the song? I don't see the link anywhere.

  • THANK YOU! I heard this song on the radio and couldn't remember the words so I couldn't find it! I love it so much!

  • love it!

  • i likek it I heard it on the radio and I never got the name I like it its old timey meets techno

  • love it its a hot song!

  • love it! it makes me want to dance whenever I hear it.. even if I'm driving :]

  • Eh, it's catchy, but that's it :-/

  • this song is SO catchy I lve it :) my friend dad loves it so much its his ringtone.

    i think its a pretty entertaining song, its unique

  • yeah. it's fun.

  • I heard it on the radio some time back, I didn't pay much attention to the lyrics, but it sure is catchy.

    • There essentially are none, LOL.

  • no! americano is a f***ing coffee! their next song is going to be 'no drink english'

  • i love it! :DDDDDDDDD

  • yep

  • yeah

  • Its class, haha. Fairly short lived, though, as a song like that would be... After a while it'd go dry. But it was jokes, lol.