Why I will Never Try Online Dating Again

Why I will Never Try Online DatiI ng Again

I first tried online dating around 7 years ago, hearing nice stories from real people who met their other halves online. Throughout, I have been on and off: sometimes I am actively looking, but switching off my profiles other times. It's only now that I came to realize that online dating is a total waste of time for me, and probably for many other people.

The first negative point in thus regard is the lack of spontaneous interaction before a man and a woman get to know each other.Instead of flirting or accidentally running into someone, you click on his/ her profile because you chose to. This gives way to the exchange of fake nice words between them mostly.

Another downside of online dating is the impossibility to see if you and your date are attracted to each other in real life. Even when they find each other attractive, people can fail to relate to each other when meeting face to face.

Attraction itself is an issue here. You might be a very handsome man or a very beautiful woman, but that's not everyone's opinion. Beauty is highly relative. I always see unattractive women thought of as beautiful, like some hollywood actresses. So you may be hailed as very hot or seen as 'not my type' for specific men if you are a woman. Many guys- for instance- see me as beautiful or very beautiful- and a guy said I am, but I was not his type. So I was thinkng: why should I wait for others to assess me this way?

The last point I want to discuss is the shopping-like experience online dating cam turm too. You open your account and spend hours browsing profiles. You may like a guy- but you continue browsing - maybe there is someone 'better' in the list. This looks more like a 'subjectification' of people.

Of course there are other negative points of online dating- and there are positive points too. I know people who met their long-term boyfriends or girlfriends there.But for me, it has been a different experience: guys who are married and say they are divorced, very handsome guys who are after money or sex only, guys who lack communication skills,etc. So if you are already trying online dating, I wish you good luck. If you believe it's not for you, you' ve just had someone alike join you!


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  • To be fair, I haven't done online dating but that os because I have been married before it was a thing :) But, I would do it and regualar dating as well. Online dating can't get you to quickly meet and evaluate hundreds of people very quickly, that appaeals to me. I have no idea what the woman at the bar is like before I meet her but with online dating I can find out in minutes and move on if it isn't a fit. Simple, easy, effecient way to sort through a large number of potentials to find the one that really sparks my ineterest.


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  • People browse profiles when they're doing online dating? I can only do that for 10 minutes, but I literally do nothing and I get requests. I never check back though... haha.

    Lack of spontaneity when first meeting is fine with me. I think that's not how most people meet anyway. That sounds like something shown in the movies which isn't an accurate portrayal in reality.

    For the attraction bit, I would expect that's why people Skype and send pictures. Or you simply don't respond when you see a guy who isn't your type.

    But online isn't for some people. It sounds like it's not for you. I haven't honestly done it--I mean I signed up and perused a few profiles before I got bored--but I never get back on... lol.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I knew a gay man who constantly shagged married men on grinder. It made me furious, so he started to agree with me. From then on he found out the very next 2 men he met, both had ring lines on their fingers and one dropped his ring out of his pocket. He then left the site. Pretty crazy and pretty sad to

  • I tried it and have been catfished so many times cause i have the mindset that the girls real and this can't happen again

  • great my take :)


What Girls Said 2

  • Great take. I will never date online as well. If I want to date someone, I will find out EVERYTHING. I don't believe you can hide something. I will find about everything from your past, and your present. How? I have my ways. If I see that you are all clear, THEN I will date you. I will not accept a guy who acts like a free whore that cheats on his wife/girlfriend just for cheap pussy.

    I am a real girl and you are a real girl.

    • Thanks girl for your feedback- and sorry to everyone for the typing mistakes

  • Yep, online dating is certainly the worst. I'm not into it either.