Height.. does it matter?

Height.. does it matter?

Okay.. I don't normally do 'MyTakes', but this is my first attempt.

So, in relationships height is a very talked about topic. To some people it doesn't matter, to others it plays a key role. People are always talking about how tall they are and how tall they would prefer their partners to be.

I can vouch, and I'm sure you all can too. There's millions of questions on here about people's height range, people asking whether they're datable based on their height. Different counties have different averages in height for men and women. The rough average for man is around 5'10 (177cm) and for a woman it's around 5'6 (167cm). It's believed that the Netherlands (Holland) is regarded the country with the highest average height. Countries in the East, like China is rumored to have a lower average height. While it is true that people's height is usually linked to genetics, this isn't always the case.

Height is often linked to depression and sadness, unfortunately once you're fully developed you're going to stay that height for the rest of your days. Unless you can get miracle grow for people. (Which doesn't affect your health)

If I've learnt anything in my days; short men and tall women have it the worst in the relationships area. Statistics show that the majority of men prefer shorter women <5'6, and the majority of women prefer taller men 5'8>. Thus leaving the minority of the two collectives with less luck. (usually..)

People seem to overlook the turning down of people because they're too short or too tall. But really, it can be considered offensive. If you were to turn someone down for their weight, you would be seen as shallow and rude. Weight is something that can be changed with effort. But, people can't magically shoot up or down.

I recently met a person who was 7'4, yes, seven foot four. He told me he was depressed from being so tall; people would always stare at him, shoes and clothes wouldn't fit him, nothing was pre-made for him. He had to get every thing in 'Extra Extra Extra Large'. He told me what bothered him the most.. When people were to speak to him their first quote would be ''Wow, you're so tall!'' He said to me literally everyone says that to him, and that it gets under his skin. So, even being tall isn't the best thing. Most people, like myself would prefer moderation. Sometimes being 'average' is the best thing.

Coming from a shorter person myself; I can vouch for no success in the relationship department. But.. the reality of it is this is who you are. You can't alter your height.

Thank you for reading, feel free to add any opinions, comments or anything you feel like sharing below. Go easy on me! This is my first time!

Here is a puppy and a kitten cuddling for anyone who was upset, moved or felt any negative emotions from this Take!


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  • It is unfortunate that most view height as a requirement for a mate. Psychologically speaking, it's believed that height is seen as a dominant trait. Therefore it can exude confidence, health and even intelligence. Whether you are seeking a relationship or focused in a career, you will be likely be perceived as succesful, prestigious or decision maker. Men are more secure when they are seen as dominant by nature. As a result shorter men are left to bite the dust. It can be so overwhelming that some seek surgery alternatives.

    I knew a guy who was 5'6, he under went surgical leg lenghtening. It is common for the surgeon to break the bones and attaching a steel frame to the outside of the limbs. He was taught to turn the screws on the frame, essentially pulling their own leg bones apart about one millimeter a day. He was in excruciating pain for months just for a mere three inches height gain. And the surgery is followed by intensive physical therapy. He said he wouldn't do it again. He realizes that if you want to find a mate, adding height is not the answer. A true woman will see past your height. The women that have rejected him are weeds he has to remove before finding true treasure.

    • Interesting story, thanks for sharing.. This is guy who is 5'6 is still taller than me. I'm only like 5'4/5.

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      Cali will give you a nice tan then Lol Florida is hotter than cali but its awesome too. Specially cuz you can wear a bikini almost anywhere and no one will get upset Lol ๐Ÿ‘

    • I can't tan, ahaha. My skin doesn't tan, it just burns lmao

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  • Women't preferences aren't deliberate - they're shaped by evolution.

    They prefer taller guys because taller guys have statistically meant higher odds of their offspring making it into adulthood and passing on their genes. I presume it's to do with fighting off threats, but it could also be that longer limbs mean higher speeds when hunting or whatever.

    One of my brothers is not that tall, but he has always had really attractive girlfriends. So...

    Height matters, but other things matter too. E. g. I'm a tall lazy bum. My brother is a shorter hardworking achiever. He is obviously more attractive.

    • I feel lanky and awkward. I always envied Lionel Messi types for being more suited for soccer, and I also just find some short people to be really assertive, maybe because they have to.

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    • You're plenty attractive though. I honestly have met a LOT of short guys who were total players.

    • Thanks man :')
      I'm far from a player, but I do fancy my chances often. xD


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  • I totally agree with you in this take in so many points! I've never had a boyfriend like ever! (okay i'm only 19) but it's actually seriously affecting my self esteem and I think one of the reasons is that I'm just so tall (5'9") and work as a model and whenever I hear about really nice guys telling their friends that they liked me but didn't even try to tell me because "I was out of their league" I just get so frustrated and angry.. Of course it's kind of my fault nobody approaches me but what can I do about it? Hopeless..

    • You could approach them? :')
      I'd take your height any day.

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    • Hopefully.. I just don't wanna have to wait till I'm 30 lol

    • Same tbh...

  • I'm gonna be clichรฉ and say that a wonderful personality shrouds everything else.
    but it's quite true, and i like this take:)

  • Yeah I don't date giants that are 6 ft and over.

  • I liked this mytake :) my height is 5'5 and sometimes I feel awqward being that tall


What Guys Said 3

  • The average height for a woman is 167 cm.
    Damn that's short.
    I'm 183 cm (6 ft) and hoping to get a girl that is at least 175 cm (5 ft 9 in).

  • its not just the dating world that short people have it bad
    taller is also preferred in promoting managers and in the working life
    short people really had the short straw drawn for them in most areas of life

    • Good point dude. Being taller also makes people feel more powerful, but that's obvious, ahaha.
      Tall people love looking down on shorter people. :')

    • I know my OP was negative but short stature has its advantages as well for girls it would be the petite cute look

    • Yeah, short girls are fine. xD
      Nah, it's fine man. :') You're just stating the truth..

  • I feel emboldened.