Going on a Big Date: Why It's Okay to Date Bigger Women

You just met a great girl. She’s got an adorable face, a killer sense of humour, and she seems to have the kind of personality you really jive with. But there’s one thing about her that is verging on being a deal-breaker for you. She’s overweight. You were brought up with pop-culture seeing toned women as being acceptably attractive, and your friends make fun of fat girls…and this great girl you just met has some pounds she could lose. Do you date her or forget her?

Going on a Big Date: Why It's Okay to Date Bigger Women(No, this isn't me, but gee is she ever cute!)

As a big girl myself, I have had many men pass me up and hilariously, all for reasons that made them want to avoid admitting their fat-shaming. “Oh you should look after your health,” I’ve heard. Well, what if I told you I do look after my health. Perfectly! As a non-smoker, and someone who eats relatively healthy, my weight gain was brought on by metabolism slowing from effects of polycystic ovarian disorder. Nothing for you or me or anyone else to be alarmed about. Just lots of non-harmful cysts on the ovaries, that’s it. But thanks to that, no matter how often I exercise or how little I eat, the weight won’t really budge.

Now that we know I’m otherwise healthy, with a doctor’s clean bill of health given to me each year during my physical, who’s to say many other women aren’t also healthy but just have a few more pounds than you’d like to see? There really shouldn’t be much of an excuse to not date a big girl – unless the big girl simply isn’t attractive to you. If not, then disregard. You have a type and that’s understandable.

Thin doesn't equal attractive. It’s all a preference in the end. This is not a skinny-shaming myTake. This is to understand that if you're simply concerned how being with a bigger woman might look to others because the stigma attached to big women is often unnattractiveness while thinner woman sometimes fly under the radar. For the guys who are on the fence and worry about what their pals will think of them or how they’ll treat his new girlfriend, there are some things to consider before you waste away a good relationship with her.

Weight can be lost and gained. Unless a woman also has what I have (PCOD), your bigger girl may find herself losing some weight because now she’s in love. It actually happens. A woman with a partner now eats a little better, with their mate, and has an underlying want to make better life changes. It’s because her mood is uplifted, and she’s not thinking of snacking anymore, she’s thinking of doing things with you. Changing her eating habits may be one of them. If weight comes off, it’s because it’s done almost unwittingly because she’s so happy she’s with you. Then again if it doesn't who cares? You originally liked her for the way she was, right?

You can’t be a boob-man and expect your girl to be thin. For the guys who really do love large boobs, just know that most very thin girls don’t have the breasts that we bigger girls have unless they pay for them. I get it, some thinner women do -- but most do not. More weight usually means more weight distributed to areas such as breasts, hips, and buttocks. If you want natural and large breasts, you can certainly find them with us free of charge if that's your thing!

We embrace life. We are the ones who are not afraid to eat, and likely not afraid to be cooks ourselves. We walk around knowing we've got added weight, so why hide it by pecking away at salads in public? We don’t care that we put extra mozzarella cheese on our lasagne, heck we even add more after it’s baked. We love to feed you just as much as we love to eat with you. We dabble in trying new things, and if they taste good, we’re not going to freak out over every calorie. That’s how we became so passionate when it comes to food and drink. We know what tastes amazing.

Branching out from that is…

Your mom is going to love us. Most moms are looking for a woman for their son who is going to “take care of them” and know that we’re feeding you right. We might even be so complimentary to ask your mom how amazing she makes her signature plum cake. But your mom is also observant, and she can tell if you're choosing a girl for shallow reasons or trying to find that trophy girlfriend. Maybe your mom wasn't a perfect ten in her day either, and she might feel as though you are missing out on the type of great woman your father fell in love with.


We actually try harder to give you better sex. We know the cards are stacked against us because we know most of society just accepts thinner women's bodies as being beautiful, giving them the upper hand to be a tad more confident than we are (as we self-consciously hide our tummy rolls from you in bed). We want to compensate for this perceived imperfection, so we want to become a lot more appeasing in the bedroom! We’ll suck a little longer, and grant you permission to do things maybe other women didn’t want to do because we really want to impress. We know we’re big and having our clothes off is kind of a big deal. We have to deal with it all the time from cruel ex-boyfriends who have made hurtful comments to us. We make up for it by giving you, the guy we should have been with, a great experience in bed. I’m not saying we’re better lovers than thinner women, but we certainly know that if you’re already against our bodies, we’re sure going to make you rethink it with other things we might want to try on you.

Lastly, how much weight are you opposed to if you are on the fence when deciding to date a bigger woman? A little muffin top? Tummy and thigh trouble? If you’re picturing a very obese girl and this is not your thing, think of the women who have normal weight distribution, just more of it who really aren’t that heavy, they're pretty much normal. If you are self-conscious for her, and she’s not, maybe dating her will teach you a lot about acceptance and finding beauty in something you thought you never could before.


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  • how about fat girls just stop overeating and start exercising?

    somehow, men are smart enough i don't see takes like 'why you should date a fat guy'.

    • Sometimes I think it's basically fat girls wanting to be seen as just as pretty as the skinny girls while putting in none of the work. It's lazy, it's entitled, it's hypocritical and we're all being pushed to accept it as normal.

      I don't mind obese people all that much. I'm still quite fat myself after all. But what I do mind is the blame-shifting and entitled mindset that goes around in the 'fat acceptance' circles. Some are seriously delusional and it sucks because they're the most loud, too.

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    • @RationalMale, yes, yes indeed I did use it as a point.

    • It's a double standard really. I mean yes everyone has their preferences and you never see women say real women go for fat/overweight guys. Then you also have girls who will only date someone who looks like Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, etc and feel entitled to that.

  • I have been into chubby girls more in my lifetime than slender girls. Not sure why. :)

  • When was it never okay?

  • There's one problem throughout the entire take and it's the "society has brought you up believing that only thin women are beautiful" thing. When will people understand that attraction is 80% biology and 20 or even less % social norm. Even if I grew up in a cabin in the woods I'd still find overweight girls less attractive. That's nature. Deal with it. You don't see fat men being delusional and demanding that women like them. They're realists, they either get fit or accept their fate or what not. It's high time women do the same.

    • I disagree. There are different points in history when thin is in, or big is in. Such as the Renaissance period when to be big was preferred, it showed a sign of wealth, and to be thin was considered sickly. These sorts of beliefs trend, just as right now the trend is to encourage people to *stop* these trends and accept people for who they are. Enough with the false beliefs and misinformation, if you have a type, fine, but let's all get along about it. No point in shaming people that you don't find attractive. There are men out there who don't mind bigger women but are afraid to date them because of what people will think. Those were comment I heard when I was single: "I like you but Josh doesn't think I should go out with you." This type of crap. And no, this isn't a *denand* to date anyone. It's a don't-listen-to-others-and-do-what-you-want wake up call.

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    • Jesus fucking Christ women, how is it shallow to encourage a friend to GET FIT? What next? Will telling a person who smokes to consider cutting down on it be 'entruse' and 'not minding my own business'? All right, I'm done with this thing.

      For the last time I'm going to say. I have nothing against fat women. By all means be fat if you want. But don't expect me to suddenly find you hot the same way I will NEVER expect you to find me in my current state hot either. Unlike you, I'm going to put some work in my body, instead of coming up with excuse.

      Have a nice day.

    • You have a type and that's fine - why cover your tracks with excuses like *telling* a person to get fit so they can fit your standards? I'm with @Glue-Sniffer, if you agree with this logic, then you shouldn't get so wound up if a woman told you to stop being shallow, because it's the same thing. We're not asking for you to start being attracted to something you're not. But toting the excuse that there is something wrong with us is not your place to say. I made that clear at the beginning of my myTake. Healthy does not mean skinny, and fat does not mean unhealthy. What you're admitting to is preference, so stop putting insurance on trying to run from shallowness by masking it up with concern for someone's health. That's all. Have a great day back, and thanks for reading.

  • 28d

    Yes, yes, yes but someone like Iskra Lawrence is a good one. But why won't most of them stop eating and go take a bike instead of a bus.
    If it's about men: He has to be 6ft, he has to be trained and all.
    You can be big but also have female shapes. Don't look like a molten muffin. You don't win in that way to me. It's like the people who doing this only want food and dick but you should work for it. How harsh it is but it is.

  • HELL NO.

  • Heavier then me is my threshold.

  • I like fat girls not too fat I've been like this forever since middle school I've had crushes on bigger women usually they were cute but I like all types of women and I haven't dated a overweight women before and I don't really approach them because of social judgment. If any overweight girl finds me attractive hit my line. I'm 6'4 cross fit trainer

  • There's no need trying to persuade anyone, at the end of the day people like what they like and nothing you say will change that.

  • I agree that women can have a bit of fat and still be sexy. But there is no excuse for being overweight or obese.

    Because the only thing you have to do to lose weight is to consume less energy than you are spending; eat less = lose fat.

    How to eat less? Eat food thats keeps you feel satisfied for longer. Foods with a low glycemic index and high in fibre.

    Basically only natural stuff, nothing artificial.

    You might be surprised at how happy it makes you feel when you know you control your own bodytype with mindpower.

  • I laugh every time I see this. The real terms are obese, overweight and society has taken to mollycoddle these terms and warp that realm of unhealthy behavior into being something to not be ashamed of. You are fat, obese, unhealthy, overweight, these behaviors go against the norms of nature. Think hunters and gatherers. It is rightfully so that a majority of both physically unfit men and women have a hard time dating. They are not seen as healthy or natural. Sure their personality comes into play, but we mostly are physical beings whether its conscious or subconscious. The truth hurts, but this article is so backwards to me. We should be de-insentivising unhealthy behavior, but instead we choose to accept it. I used to be over 300lbs and lost a good deal of weight and through that journey, never once did I expect someone to show respect to me just because I was overweight. Sure being overweight is tough, but in a world of harsh realities, you have to realize that at the end of the day there is one destroyer and savior in this situation that lead you there, and can lead you out. YOU! It makes me sad that we live in a society as pathetic as today where we choose to disassociate the cause of our problems and refuse the responsibility.

    Rant over, back to work.

    • Haven't you heard that some peoplw have slower/faster metabolisms? There are thin people who are unhealthy and don't do sports with fast metabolism, which helps them stay thin, and there are bigger women who work their ass off in the gym and are healthy, but because of the slow metabolism don't stay fit. Idiot.

    • @shelikeshimalot Just more excuses. Sure there are real illnesses that cause inflamation and make weight loss impossible, but fucking metabolism? That CAN be controlled and does not have a fucking gridlock hold on whether you are able to lose weight. It seems people are blind and fail to grasp my message (which is a harsh reality, so what?). I have seen big women go to the gym, and I have chatted some of them up, know what their diet consists of? Carbs, salts, fats, sugars. Weight loss is 60% dieting. I lost 100lbs by mapping out my meals and doing moderate exercise 2-3 times a week. And I have a very slow metabolism, stop being churlish and grow the hell up!

  • Big girls are just not normal. They are not the ideal body type nor are they the most healthy. They are simply the result of overweight women wanting to be considered beautiful while not changing. There is a minority of guys who will find a big girl attractive, and that's fine. But it's just not normal, nobody thinks "that's not okay to date big girls", but most of them just don't find big girls attractive. When they do, it is definitely okay for them to date, but it's just not normal. And there's nothing wrong with that.

    • Actually normal is very boring.. I know this from experience.. I don't like fit guys they tend to be very bland and ughh boring.. I like chubby guys because they are comfortable to be around and actually very funny..
      I'm a so called"thick/curvy girl" but I really don't believe that though.. oh and not only that but being healthy is mainly about what you eat.. not a pants or dress size...

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    • The "ideal body type" is put out by society and if you blindly follow what it dictates to determine what your penis perks up at, you're a fool.

      Also, there are tribes and indigenous peoples who prefer bigger women than smaller.

      Get your facts straight.

    • @RationalLioness I don't blindly follow anything. It's a fact of life that fat people are not normal nor are they healthy. In the past fatness was rare and a sign of richness because nobody could afford to eat so much they gained excess weight. Furthermore the vast majority of humans are not attracted to fat people. There are chubby chasers here and there but the fact is it's not desirable because of the health problems it brings and the distorted appearance. We are biologically designed to prefer fit, healthy women.

      If you accept this and just don't want to take care of yourself, well that's fine I guess. But given the simple choice, absolutely nobody would want to be fat over fit and healthy. This has become an issue because many westerners nowadays have not maintained their health and are now trying to reconcile their unhealthy lifestyle with the standards of beauty we hold.

  • i don´t think anybody ever not dated a big woman, because it was "not ok" . i mean it´s also ok do date men but i still don´t want to.

  • I won't lie, I do have a thing for some thick/curvy women (it's not a black and white thing) but one thing I'm sick of is when I meet women off dating sites and they use misleading pictures and say they're average/curvy/athletic but they're fat or obese once you meet them in person.

    I know appearance isn't everything but I just don't see the point in that. There's a fen line between trying to look your best and flat out misrepresenting yourself. That'd be like me only having mugshots and pictures at angles and telling you I'm muscular or a body builder when in reality I'm skinny. Plus it puts me in a weird position. It's like they might have looked cute/decent in their pictures but when I see them in person I have no attraction. I'm not gonna tell someone sorry I don't find you physically attractive because that'll make me look like a shallow asshole despite that they used misleading pictures.

    There are people who have a thing for larger women, men just have preferences just like how women do.

    • Bottom line is, people will like what you have or you won't so there's no point in hiding what you have. And while no one should be body shamed whether they're fat or super skinny, those lifestyles shouldn't be promoted either because it's not healthy to be super skinny to the point where you're anorexic or obese.

    • True that, bro..

  • Well, it's just in most people's nature to find bigger (aka fat) women/men less attractive. Subconsciously it says "I don't exercise enough". People want (subconsciously) strong mates with good genes (to spread their own genes very well). It all started in the cavemen times. If you were fat in those times (really, really, really small chance. Since people had not much food), you basically couldn't hunt/gather as well as the other skinnier people, because you were slower etc. So it's quite logical that people prefer 'healthier' people over 'less healthier' ones.

    I know a lot of people don't like this, but it's just a fact. As a bigger person, you're usually less attractive than a skinnier person. You can't change these facts, you can't change the minds of people about what they like and what they don't, so they only way to overcome this, is to exercise, a lot. This won't only make your body look better, it will also make you mentally stronger, because you have to keep up the good exercise work.

    • Actually... that's your opinion you can't speak for all human beings.. you can only speak for yourself and people who agree with you..
      And not only that but there are quite a few men out there who love bigger girls and usually say "skinny girls are for wimps" and show a pic of a thick girl with a big butt.. which makes me laugh a little bit..
      Anyway, you may believe that being thin is in , but I think being yourself is way more important than satisfying other people beliefs... Maybe you don't like thick chicks.. and that's understandable but please don't comment on things about bigger chicks because it's an indefinite waste of time...

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    • Well it certainly wasn't easy to be obese at that time.

    • Most men prefer not-fat women, and you can't change that thought. What would women think of dating a guy she wasn't attracted to? That would feel bad. Same with men.

  • Like, I get it. I do. I've had a couple crushes on 2 women that were a bit on the bigger side. And both of them shot me down. Which is fine. But the difference between those 2 and the many, many other larger women I've met is that those two never complained about skinny women or even being larger themselves. I'm still friends with them and I think they're both pretty awesome. I'm pretty frustrated with women that think it's ok to be unhealthy. Guys generally like women that take care of themselves. And yes, sometimes you can eat healthy and exercise and you're still going to be overweight. But at that point it really is your attitude that makes you unattractive. Over the years I've come to find that most bigger women are just bitter and find it hard to have fun. That's not my problem, and I'm sick of being belittled because bigger women have some sort of complex. Bottom line is this, quit trying to manipulate/brainwash everyone that big women are attractive. Stop telling men that they're shallow/terrible/mean just because they don't find bigger gals attractive. Maybe (just maybe) we would if you didn't sit there and complain about how hard your life is. All sorts of people find all sorts of people attractive. I feel the reality is that bigger women fall into unrequited love just as ANYONE out there has at one point. Don't blame it on guys being shallow. It's just the way people are. You probably only ask out like 2 - 3 people in a year and get turned down by them all and it's all the sudden "why doesn't anyone like me?" Guess what, there are more people out there than 2 - 3. Also, for the record. If you are a bigger woman, literally all it takes is some self discipline. Which is super attractive. Instead of telling people why it's ok to be fat (putting it bluntly), tell yourself why it's ok to be healthy. You'll feel better about yourself and be able to do more activities with people who's company you enjoy. Don't you ever get tired of being bitter all the time? I'd imagine it doesn't help your methods of seduction. Quit trying to prove to others why you're worth it and prove it to yourself. Shaming others looks good to no one. And another point I'd like to say here, is that some skinny women can't gain weight. Just like some larger ones can't lose weight. So stop criticizing others and worry about yourself. The rest will fall into place when you're happy with yourself.

    • Yeah I hate that whole real men go for the curves, bones are for the dogs. I've dated women of all different body types, maybe not obese, but dating a woman who is more thick, curvy, a little chubby doesn't make me more real then when I date someone who is skinny/athletic/average.

  • Stop it already. Just accept that fat people are not attractive. The end.

  • The majority of men actually do like a little more "thickness" than what is considered perfection by the fashion media. But still the majority of men simply do not find overweight women attractive. It looks unhealthy even if it is not. I'm all for women with curves but not for women with muffin top.

  • It's OK to not want to date far women too guys!

    Fat women are really ugly.

  • You know, I seriously wish I was attracted to large women's bodies.

    You know why? Because life would be so much easier. There wouldn't be one shrinking subset of women who get to just play with the level of attention they get. Hell, there would also be many more fish in the sea.

    I tried it. I tried dating big girls. I tried looking them up and telling myself "that is ideal. That is hot." What resulted was heartbreak, confusion, and lack of chemistry.

    I tell ya, if you feel like garbage for turning down a perfectly good girl because you don't feel it, it feels worse to feel like you are lying to a friend, wasting her time when she could be with someone who LOVES the curves.

    But as for me, I tried being attracted to big girls, and I tried being attracted to guys. Turns out, I found guys more attractive, even though I don't date them. That is, as a straight guy, I find Hugh Laurie to be leaps and bounds more attractive than Rosie O'Donnell.

    The problem with fat acceptance is not whether or not people are attracted to it. The problem is what people do when they aren't attracted to someone. So you can't see yourself in bed with her? Don't sleep with her. It's simple as that. No need to be an asshole about it. No need to pay her less or see her as beneath you. No need for the nicknames.

    Not to imply men are the only ones guilty of this sort of judgement.

    • Yeah there's been times where I meet up with a girl who used misleading pictures and was a lot fatter in person and I tried forcing myself to be attracted I couldn't. People think that's fat shaming but it's really misleading/deceit shaming. It's better to be disliked for what you are as opposed to being liked for something you aren't.

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  • Lol at how this assumes guys are hesitant about dating "big" girls because they don't want their friends to make fun of them. In reality, being fat/overweight is just an unattractive quality, aesthetically speaking. It doesn't look good and suggests laziness.

    It's also unhealthy because it increases a bunch of health risks like heart disease and diabetes. No bueno.

  • Guys will like what they want. I'm not attracted to overweight guys and that's just how it is. Sometimes you have to accept that the majority of men won't like you as an overweight human being.

    The first girl is super hot though.

  • I was beginning to like this article.
    I even loved the part when you said you wouldn't shame thin women.
    But you ended up doing so, that's where things started going down hill for me.

    In this article you were speaking about why your body is better (more breasts and ass) and about how you try harder at sex.
    You're pretty much comparing yourself to thin women here.
    You're making a generalization about how we are sexually and that isn't right.
    Whether someone tries hard or not has to do with the individual not numbers on a scale.
    Also if your body type was so desirable , why do you have an article trying to convince people that it is?
    I'm all for big women.
    But don't shame us.
    You can make your points without doing so.

    • Your intentions are good. But when you're making an article that many will read you have to pick and choose your words carefully.

  • Some of these comments are horrible. It literally makes me sick to my stomach to read them. I think a lot of people missed the entire point of this Take. I think it was very well written and I agree with most of it.

    • I don't think it was that well-written at all. Especially her point about big girls "embracing life" and then basically gushing about food as if people who are of a healthy weight cannot possibly enjoy eating. That's just silly.

      But don't get me wrong, I am not against people who date overweight women. I kind of prefer them myself.

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    • @Remonster sure we can.

    • Thank you. So many rude people here. I don't know why overweight women are so hated.

  • I'm a big girl (not obese but a little overweight) and I have a boyfriend who is pretty fit. People automatically assume that if you date a bigger women that it is a "fetish", which is not the case. He actually accepted me for who I was and not because of what I looked like on the outside. I was so surprised. I thought I would never find anyone because I was bigger. I thought that all men liked skinny girls.

    My man actually encouraged me to get healthier for my own good because he is obsessed with working out and stuff, so I thought I would give it a try. I've been loosing weight ever since. I'm not doing it for him. I'm doing it because I don't feel comfortable in my own skin.

    Anyway I throughly enjoyed your take.

    "Fat acceptance" isn't about promoting obesity, it's about loving yourself at any size and encouraging people to get healthy. Why doesn't anyone understand that?

  • If you have to try to convince a guy to date you...
    Im sorry but that is kinda sad.

    Guys are just typically not attracted to fat girls. the big women that you posted pictures of are good looking, but they are also plus sized models cherry picked for their beauty and nice proportions. the majority of fat chicks dont look that good, and the ones that do typically dont have trouble with dates. im from the south where men love thick women, and even girls the size of the models you displayed get love and have guys chasing them... but anything bigger than that isn't attractive to most guys. also most guys prefer thick women with small waists. i dont think the issue is guys caring what their friends think. guys will date strippers, hoes and hot girls with 3 baby daddies. IF they find them attractive. you dont see overweight girls in the majority of mens magazines because they typically aren't what men like and want to see. they just aren't the ideal fantasy woman. what guy fantasizes about double chins and fat rolls?

  • Noyce, aunty and some arrogant pook heads who thinks that weight can be maintained and stay thin regrdless of any health conditions.

  • I really like the message behind this take Anon! It's so positive and uplifting! I really want to go do some extra yoga and enjoy extra carbs today XD

    Our bodies are there to be lived in not suffered through right? Great job Anon :)

  • What is the goal of this myTake? I don't get it. Beauty comes in all sizes, body shapes and ages. The healthiest is being in a normal weight, even though I get how this is difficult for some people to achieve. And just like there are men who like underweight women, there also exist men who like overweight or obese women. If a man doesn't like overweight women, then you can't change his mind. If a man is very concerned about society's opinion on dating a woman, it means he doesn't love her enough. And I think you can eat, try new stuff and cook in a normal weight. I wouldn't want to 'cere' for a man, I'm not his mother. I'm a firm believer that house chores should be shared. As for what you said about sex, that big women do more stuff in order to compensate for their weight, is actually insulting.

  • im not saying that bigger women are bad people but im sorry its just not attractive. people come up with a million excuses as to why they're overweight. this might sound harsh but not many people like men and women with flabs of fat. its honestly gross. im not saying that skinny is super hot but its better than fat. im so sick and tired of obese women saying that they're "thick". www.google.com/search that is thick. the pics you posted are fat. no one wants to walk around with a whale. the boobs thing isn't true. yes fat women have bigger breasts but they're just ugly. there's a difference between big breasts and huge breasts on obese women because they're so fat. please stop trying to promote this "big women are hot" thing. too skinny isn't attractive either. someone over a size 14 is truly fat. obese women need to hit the gym instead of complaining and crying that men dont like them. an average or skinny women can eat a lot too. im a great cook and im not fat. i used to be overweight and i look so much better now that i've lost it. a little bit of fat is okay but obese is not. im pretty sure i can satisfy my man with both sex and my cooking skills because it won't take me 10 min just to get up from the couch.

  • those pictures you posted only make big women seem worse and more desperate than ever

  • The amount of times I got turned down for being a certain size is incredible, and its never even me that contact them 1st. It's a personal preference, I can't do anything about that. I have to respect the fact that they like women who are fit/slim /skinny whatever term it is. Only one thing I cannot stand is, when the guy says he loves my personality/ pretty much everything about me, then he says but I can't date you because of your size. SO he goes off to date a girl who is slender and pretty , but she's mean to him /disrespectful so he complains (this happened to me) . I know when dating someone you want to be physically attracted to them, but looks do fade. You also want to be compatible with that person looks are not going to hold up the relationship. In today's age looks is all that matters, it doesn't matter if that person hits you calls you names and all.. If they look pretty and have a nice body that's all that seems to count.

    Me, I don't care what size you are (as long as you take care of yourself. Shower/clean/good hygiene & etc.) if you're good person I will be interested. I've dated husky/skinny/average/fit men before, if they have an amazing personality & treat me good vice versa. That's what should catch ones attention & keep it.

    There are a lot of people who may find me attractive, I just have to be patient. Why would I want someone who is only interested in me physically.

    • He let a female disrespect him lol and he complains about it what a simp. I'm attracted to you but if you don't like football and can't cook food like my mama can't do it

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    • @AdenAK
      Sometimes I feel the same way with skinny, lanky guys.. when a lanky guy hugs my short chubby body I feel disgusted.. even though they find me to be the most adorably sexy thing walking I most like avoid them like the plague...//sarcasm
      Dude I don't care how you feel about me and my size.. you're only one person out of 7 billion people in the world... so your opinion about me being F. A. T (fabulous and thick) doesn't really affect me.. lol not only that but just because I wear a pants size 9-11 doesn't mean I don't wear my weight well..

      Sincerely yours, Sweet and Sassy14

  • I'm reading the comments and I do see where people are saying it's socially unacceptable, unattractive, etc and others saying that it has nothing to do with society or how weight is portrayed in the media. Two words... Renaissance Era. Actually, up until the 1900s, it was more desirable and sought-after for a woman to be overweight. Artists even portrayed REAL women in their works. In today's society, women are photoshopped and "fixed" before society sees them. Media and society DOES play a big role in how we accept people. mountiangirl.wordpress.com/.../

    As far as people saying that bigger girls don't do anything about their weight... bull****. Every woman that I know who exercises and fights with their weight is someone who is bigger. No, you will NOT see many of them in the gym. They are too embarrassed and worried about being made fun of while they are there. Instead, they workout at home or with other people who have weight struggles. My sister fought with her weight all of her life. She eats healthy/clean and does crossfit training 6 days a week. She has seen multiple doctors. She was told that based on her food intake and her exercise, she should not be the weight she is. Being overweight does not automatically equal lazy, bad eating habits, lack of exercise, etc. It's just easy for people to say that, but they really have no clue, nor do they care. I have a friend who is skinny, but eats like a pig, smokes, drinks, and never exercises. She may be seen as automatically healthy because of her weight, but she really isn't. We can't assume things by looking at someone. This can be applied to every person, no matter their looks or supposed "flaws". Society/people really need to start seeing each person as an individual and getting to know the actual person before making the rash and sometimes harsh judgements. People need to stop being a**holes and realize that nobody is perfect, not even themselves. Each person lacks in some area of their lives, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, their personality, whatever. Everyone needs to get over themselves.

  • I kinda like scrolling through the comments to see how many comments get down votes, up votes, and whatnot. It's entertaining to see how many people agree with each other or not.

  • I have mixed feeling about this piece. I feel for the individuals like yourself with medical conditions preventing them from losing weight but i also dont think its right to celebrate being overweight. First of all, you said, you are otherwise healthy, you have healthy exercising and eating habits. However you then made a point saying overweight girls are more fun because they can eat anything they want. But they shouldn't, maybe currently as young people they are going to the doctor and taking a clean bill of health but ITS FACT that obesity and overweight people have more long term health problems such as heart disease, high cholesteral, and many others. I am in no way disagreeing with your initial point, too many men overlook women with extra weight, but in the process of defending that point i think your ideas strayed a little bit. I used to be large and in charge and recently i have lost 30 lbs because its the healthy thing to do, and my boyfriend is overly supportive but he admits he liked me just as much when i was fat. So rather than writing an article about overweight women being more likely to throw down half a pizza and suck dick for longer i would have written about the power of a supportive partner and the things men can do to encourage their loved ones to live a more healthy lifestyle.

  • This take was beautiful 😆💕👍🏆

  • The way i see it, if someone wants to look hideous, let them. Pretty? Let them. Big? Let them. Thin? Let them. It's not your body to be saying yes or no to.
    If you want to find love, you'll eventually find it. There's someone out there for anyone who wants someone. We can't MAKE people accept something just because we accepted it. Everyone was born with their own mind... try using it once in a while.

    @MyTaker good job explaining how u feel. It was very well written.

  • No one likes gluttony!! Don't matter if the media's "making fat girls look bad"... ummm NO girl. Even if you didn't have any media influence, guys are still guys. They ain't gonna be attracted to no land whale. They want a fit, nice girl with a pretty face. That's just how it is and how it always has been. Fat girls are DELUDED. Lose weight and stop trying to change the world! Hit that treadmill

    • And guys have this thing called personal preference. Going for slim girls may be the norm, but there are many men who have a preference for fat girls.

    • So for the millions of women with PCOS (stats: womenshealth.gov/.../...stic-ovary-syndrome.html), they should just magically overcome their hormone disorder to be skinny? They shouldn't bother to accept themselves for what they are or have any self confidence? Honestly, what a shallow, insufferable person.

    • @Ashewark You're aggravated because you know I'm right. I'm talking about the millions of people who CAN help their obesity with diet and exercise, not the minority who have legitimate issues. People are so lazy that they can't even exercise at least 3 times a week and not stuff their faces constantly. It's disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Obesity is an epidemic and be treated as such. Overweight people should be shown thats not socially acceptable to be a fattie.

  • You know... Reading this actually made me feel better about myself. Lol! Just because I'm chubby doesn't mean I need to change myself for a guy. Yes, I am working on losing weight and eating healthy but unfortunately my metabolism has always been slow but that doesn't stop me! So many people (mostly guys) don't even give a girl a chance because of her weight.

    • Aww that's good, and yeah most people don't get why some people do have a slow metabolism. Some of it is genetics too.

      Sometimes it also takes a person to get past their initial reaction to know there's more to a woman than her body. For example, I was at a bar once and a thinner woman was getting hit on. She had a terrific body and had these guys knew it, but... her face was lacking... I don't know. Just something about her. Me, I was sitting beside them and none of them hit on me and I was perfectly available. When I finally turned to them to see what they were doing and saying to this other girl, they saw me, and one guy locked eyes with me a second. He then came over and said, "Holy shit you're beautiful.. those eyes!" and left her sitting there. I was past being interested wanted to be someone's second choice so obviously. But I'll never forgot that. Usually the guys would pass me, then after see my face and then do something about it. :) Thats usually our story, isn't it?

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